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Any mention of a particular service is not an endorsement, but rather mentioned to you so that you will be aware of programs for which you are eligible. In the event that StayWell's services are transitioned to another service provider, StayWell may deliver your Personal Information to the successor provider in an effort to maintain a continuity of services for you. Copyright © 2009-2010 The StayWell Company, LLC. But you can do something about it! Offer your user information by phone unless you know and trust the person. Criminals search social media sites (such as Twitter or Facebook) for personal information, and then attempt to use it to defeat website security. If you apply to a job, you will be treated as a referral from me. At certain places on this site, users can access hypertext "links" to, or view Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) for, other Internet sites. Follow us:. 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Use of such information is voluntary, and reliance on it should only be undertaken after an independent review of its accuracy, completeness, efficacy and timeliness. I am responsible for reviewing for inaccuracies all of the information transmitted to me. I understand that Alight's link to another site is not an endorsement of that site, and that I am encouraged to review any Web site's policies before providing any personal information.I understand that my personal information may be shared, via secured connections only, with third parties with whom BP has contracted to provide benefits related content on this Web site, but only to the extent necessary for the third party to perform its services to BP. By logging on, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, and Cookie Notice. Notice of changes to this Privacy Statement will be posted on the StayWell Online site and brought to your attention at the time of log-in or will be sent to you via e-mail. Agreement and Authorization - Terms of Service Depending on the browser in use, cookies are also used to manage page control subsequent to exceeding the 45-minute timeout feature detailed in the Security section. I understand that this Web site may not perform as intended at all times. HealthPath, HealthStep and StayWell are registered trademarks of The StayWell Company, LLC. If you've tried these solutions and still can't log on, AUI().use('get', function(A){A.Get.script('/html/js/aonhewitt/coreVisual.js');});contact us. Because your organization is always evolving, UPoint was created to grow and adapt as you add or change programs, processes and HR delivery so that it fits your needs today and in the future. Various tools in the post-login sections of StayWell Online offer the option of receiving e-mails. For more information about the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles visit the U.S. Department of Commerce's Safe Harbor web site at Please note that unsubscribing from StayWell emails will not affect emails you receive from your employer/program sponsor regarding StayWell's programs. By selecting Log On, I understand and agree that the entry of my user ID, password, and/or other identifier is the method the Alight Solutions, StayWell Health Management and InfoTech Web site uses to verify my identity. Legal Information | Privacy Statement | About this Site © 2021 Alight Solutions plc I am responsible for reviewing any written confirmation statements provided to me (on paper or in electronic form) regarding any instructions, choices, or requests that I make through this Web site. Cookies sent by StayWell Online can be deleted with little impact to functionality. To the extent that the user opts to provide information about his or her medical history, diseases, conditions, behaviors and goals, that information is identified with the StayWell Online user. The Personal Information that users submit when using various StayWell Online applications is maintained and backed up to tape weekly. Human Capital solutions - join hundreds of clients with more than 10,000 employees, including a large share of the Fortune 500. This site does not provide, and is not a replacement for, professional medical advice, evaluation, diagnosis or treatment. If you believe someone has gained unauthorized access to your password, change it and contact us. Select personal security questions that have answers only. StayWell provides the links strictly as a convenience to its users. In order for StayWell to remain flexible in its provision of services to you, StayWell reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement as needed. Use the same password for financial sites that you use on social media sites. Benefits Guidance Hyper-personalization Communications Consulting UPoint® and Digital Innovation Research. In no case are e-mails broadcast to users without their permission. After such period of time, the backup tapes are destroyed. Dumpster Diving—Thieves comb through trash and find information to steal a user's identity. Your password should be kept confidential. ... Alight’s new suite of solutions helps turn business disruptions into drivers for enterprise growth. To spark interest. StayWell has agreed to collect, process, and retain personal information from participants in the European Union in accordance with the Safe Harbor Principles. If you enter your existing password correctly recognizing the hint, you can keep the password and immediately access this site. If you forget your password, you'll see the hint. Users are responsible for the use of this site by their dependents. Members. I understand that my personal information may be shared, via secured connections only, with third parties with whom BP has contracted to provide benefits related content on this Web site, but only to the extent necessary for the third party to perform its services to BP. They serve as my electronic agreement, indicating that I agree to the following: Any instructions, choices, or requests I make on this Web site will be considered my written permission to BP and its HR & Benefits Center to provide information or conduct transactions on my behalf, in accordance with BP's employee policies, programs, or employee benefit plans. Advantages of switching to a long-term remote workforce. THIS LIMITATION APPLIES TO ALL CAUSES OF ACTION IN THE AGGREGATE, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, BREACH OF CONTRACT, BREACH OF WARRANTY, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY, MISREPRESENTATION AND OTHER TORTS. StayWell uses passive tracking mechanisms called "cookies" to track the use of different features and areas of StayWell Online. A screen reader is a software application that translates text and images into speech or Braille. StayWell does this so that it can improve the product and evaluate its success on an aggregate level. A password is a sequence of characters you choose that, when combined with your user ID, allows you to access this site. To review the Terms of Service. By logging on, you agree to the Terms of Service for Alight Solutions, StayWell Health Management and InfoTech. Many major enterprises continue to have a large percentage of their employees working from home, which signals that remote work — either fully virtual or part of a hybrid model — is driving a seismic structural shift in the ways of working. StayWell may disclose your information, and any other relevant protected health information, as it deems advisable to report suspected abuse or neglect of a child (born or unborn) or vulnerable adult to the appropriate authorities. News Arconic Publishes Its 2019 Sustainability Report. Personal Information is stored on StayWell's servers behind a computer firewall, which is a device that prevents unauthorized persons from accessing data on such servers. It’s becoming too common for cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to online accounts by using stolen data, including user IDs and passwords. Data remains in an off-site storage location for seven years. After Login. Uses a supported operating system, such as Windows 7. Enables security updates that are installed automatically. Whenever information is transmitted to or from StayWell's systems, it is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, the standard for secure communication over the Internet. Specifically, StayWell teams with specialized contractors to provide some of the services, programs, and content that appear on the StayWell Online site and/or which are included as part of StayWell's programs. If you can’t remember your user ID or password. Solutions to create a more memorable employee experience. ... Alight Healthcare Navigation Login portal. Please, create new subscription before login. StayWell uses email to notify you of various programs and incentives for which you may be eligible. At any time during the use of StayWell Online tools, a user can opt not to provide requested Personal Information. This Personal Information is stored on StayWell Online servers. If you communicate a threat of violence against an identifiable potential victim(s), StayWell may communicate the threat to the potential victim(s) and/or law enforcement agency. StayWell collects personally identifiable information about you, including, but not limited to, your name, your employee or unique identification number, your date of birth, and your answers to the health questionnaire questions (your "Personal Information"). 01-20-2021 4:38 a.m. Central Standard Time. 1If you've already created a password through the BP Benefits Center, enter it here. Such external Internet sites contain information created, published, maintained or otherwise posted by institutions or organizations independent of StayWell. Legal Information | Privacy Statement | About Alight Solutions. Working alongside our customers, we solve complex engineering challenges to … ACCESS TO THIS INTERNET SITE IS OFFERED TO YOU CONDITIONED UPON YOUR ACCEPTANCE, WITHOUT MODIFICATION, OF THE FOLLOWING TERMS, CONDITIONS AND NOTICES: All material available on this Internet site is the copyrighted work of The StayWell Company, LLC("StayWell") unless otherwise indicated. Although it is not always possible to remove or modify such information, we will make reasonable efforts to do so. If you haven't created a user ID yet, register as a new user. At any time, you may ask StayWell to cease further use of your email address to send you correspondence, and direct StayWell to delete any Personal Information you have supplied. Your answers must match exactly with those you entered when you chose the questions. Read all postal and/or electronic account notices from your employer. com/web/arconic/login Alcoa Acronic. Benefits Guidance Hyper-personalization Communications Consulting UPoint® and Digital Innovation Research. "Wellness Checkpoint" is a registered trademark of InfoTech Inc. I agree that Alight Solutions, BP, and/or its HR & Benefits Center are not responsible for any error, omission, interruption or delay in operation of or transmission through this Web site, communication line failure, system failure, or other circumstances beyond their control. All users should informed themselves about the safe and responsible use of their information on the Internet. Alight Smart-Choice Accounts Fitness Reimbursement Account - Eligible Expenses Expense Covered? Reliance upon any of the information on this site is at the user's sole risk. A user ID uniquely identifies you on this site. If you don't set up security questions and answers and later forget your password, you can't access this site until you request and receive a new password. By logging on, you agree to the This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota, without regard to its conflicts of law provisions. Please contact the StayWell Helpline at 1-888-343-9862 if you have any questions regarding a contractor providing your program services. As a participant, you have the right to be treated courteously and respectfully by StayWell and to receive services that (i) respect your privacy and dignity, (ii) assist you in the development of a wellness plan that helps you achieve your defined goals, and (iii) do not discriminate against you, regardless of you ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, marital status, or sexual orientation. Refer to the documentation supplied with the browser in use on the user's computer for instructions to do so. AUI().use('get', function(A){A.Get.script('');});Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, and Cookie Notice. Any reference on this site to any specific commercial product, process or service by trade name, trademark, service mark, manufacturer or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, approval, recommendation or certification by StayWell. The user should understand that withholding that information will affect the ability of the tool to provide relevant information. I understand that in the unlikely event that there is a discrepancy between this Web site and the official plan documents, the official plan documents will control. To the extent that the user opts to provide information about his or her medical history, diseases, conditions, behaviors and goals, that information is identified with the StayWell Online user. Forgot User ID or Password? Users of the StayWell Online site should not share their passwords with anyone. Has up-to-date anti-virus software with automatic updates. View Case Study. It also: You create your own user ID and are responsible for securing it. However, data may remain on the server for an infinite amount of time and would be erased only in the event of a hardware failure, policy change or discontinuance of service. More Detail Personal trainer fees – Trainer must be certified and not related to the employee Personal training Video app and workout programs such as Beach … StayWell assumes no responsibility in any respect for the information contained on such sites, including (but not limited to) any errors or omissions, the accuracy or reasonableness of any factual or scientific assumptions, studies or conclusions, the defamatory nature of any statements, the ownership of any copyright or other intellectual property rights, and the violation of any property, publicity, privacy or personal rights of others. If there are inaccuracies, I am responsible for correcting them using the tools available to me on the Web site or by contacting the Benefits Center to point them out. Continued use of the StayWell Online site after the posting of any modifications to this Privacy Statement will be subject to the new terms. Username or email address *. CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE EMBARKING ON ANY MAJOR CHANGES IN YOUR EATING OR EXERCISE HABITS. If at any time you would like to "unsubscribe" from any of these emails, you may do so by unsubscribing as provided in the email. If you have questions about this Privacy Statement or complaints related to StayWell's services, or if you would like to receive information about the StayWell organization or its staff qualifications, please contact: To decline participation in or to disenroll from any current programs offered by StayWell, please contact the StayWell Helpline at 1-888-343-9862. In the event a complaint cannot be resolved through StayWell's internal process, StayWell agrees to refer EU participant disputes to The Better Business Bureau's EU Safe Harbor Dispute Resolution Procedure. NO GUARANTEES, REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ARE MADE BY STAYWELL OR ITS AFFILIATES WITH RESPECT TO SUCH INFORMATION, INCLUDING (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE OR PURPOSE. To quickly access the site when you've forgotten your password, you can answer 3 security questions that you chose previously. Consider using a separate computer to access your financial websites. New User? Please wait while we process your request. I agree to contact BP or its HR & Benefits Center immediately if I have reason to believe that someone has gained unauthorized access to my password, or any other identifier. If you do not have a username and password, please contact Ashlee. When you register on StayWell's site, we may share information with a contractor if your employer/program sponsor contracts for the services provided by that contractor. Yes. When you create your password, you can set up a hint that will help you remember it. In addition to general program emails, various tools in the post-login sections of StayWell Online offer you the option of receiving additional targeted emails. Innovation, engineered. Make sure your contact information on this site is current so communication to you is possible. StayWell will not sell your Personal Information and will not otherwise use or disclose your Personal Information to any third party except in accordance with this statement, to the extent authorized by you, or to comply with applicable law or valid legal process. Your Personal Information is used by StayWell to provide health management services to you, which includes using the Personal Information to inform you of relevant health improvement programs offered by StayWell or by another service contractor engaged by StayWell or your employer/program sponsor. background-color:#ffffff;border:0 none;font-family:Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:75%;margin:0;padding:0, Name Not Available Arconic creates breakthrough products that shape industries. If you threaten to harm yourself in any way, including suicide, StayWell is authorized to disclose your information, including relevant protected health information, as it deems advisable. In addition to any Personal Information disclosed as set forth above, aggregate survey results, without any identifiable Personal Information, may be made available to your employer/program sponsor for program reporting purposes. Use of the StayWell websites constitutes your agreement with Terms of Use. Dependents under the age of 18 should not use StayWell Online, as this site is not designed for use by minors. This Personal Information is stored on StayWell Online servers. If you believe that someone has gained unauthorized access to your password, change it and notify Cintas Corporation immediately. UPoint Mobile HR is available for the employees and benefit participants of companies that partner with Alight Solutions to administer their HR and benefit programs. INFOTECH INC. DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY OR LOSS IN CONNECTION WITH ADVICE PROVIDED IN CONNECTION WITH ITS HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE. Crispus Attucks and Junior Achievement received $25,000 each. StayWell does not accept any advertising on StayWell Online, and StayWell does not receive income from marketing sponsors or advertisers. In order to distribute any program incentives to you and to provide program participation information to your employer/plan sponsor, StayWell may provide your name and/or employee identification number to your employer/program sponsor or its designated representative to notify them of the fact that you have completed the health questionnaire and/or follow-up program and are eligible for your incentive.

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