Height Female: 30 - 40 cm. Height: Dog: 35 – 38 cms. In addition, it will greatly enjoy sessions of play. Working dog. Sep 1, 2014 - Also known as the Norwegian Puffin Dog, the Lundehund is among the world's rarest of dogs. Bitch: 32 – 35 cms. Skull roof slightly domed, protruding supra-orbital ridges. Height: 12 to 15 inches at the shoulder. Because of its special toes and agility it can reach a lot of places to get at food so be prepared. The current Norwegian Lundehund population is highly inbred and has lost 38.8% of the genetic diversity in the base population. Norwegian Lundehund Dog Breed Facts: By Andrva - Own work. Appearance and size. Colors: The Norwegian Lundehund can be reddish brown to fallow, with … Please read on to learn more about this interesting breed. 11 - 16 inches. 51 - 68 cm. The Norwegian Lundehund hails from the rocky island of Vaeroy, Norway. Puffins, however, in the 1800s, became a protected species and were no longer hunted. A Norwegian Lundehund should do well with a nutritionally balanced, premium dog food that is appropriately formulated for the dog’s size, age, and level of activity. See more ideas about Norwegian lundehund, Dogs, Dog breeds. He is very difficult to housetrain, some owners say it is impossible to fully house train a Norwegian Lundehund. The Norwegian Lundehund is among the world's rarest of dogs. Meal portions should also be appropriate for the dog’s age and activity level. 20 - 27 inches . Height Male: 30 - 40 cm. They are free thinkers, which can be challenging when training. Group: Non sporting dog. They have a strong prey drive but can get along with other pets if raised with them. Temperament. The unique features of the Lundehund include six toes on each foot with the toes on the front legs being triple- and double … Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. Origin: Norway. About 12 years. The hairs are of medium length, with a dark, smooth overcoat. 24 - 30 inches . The body is rectangular with a deep chest, strong back, and a high-set tail carried in a ring or slightly rolled over onto the back. The Norwegian Lundehund needs about ½ to 1 cup of a good quality dry dog food, split into at least two meals. This breed was used as a hunting dog to hunt the Puffin fish. Exercise . It makes an outstanding competitor in agility coursing and other canine sports. Norwegian Lundehund may have more litter size than Bakharwal Dog. The Norwegian Lundehund is a very rare, small Spitz-type breed with several unique characteristics, including six toes on every paw. Life Expectancy. The Norwegian Lundehund is a small spitz-type dog, standing 32 – 38 cm at the withers. The Norwegian Lundehund is easy to groom. Life Span: 6 to 8 years. 11 - 16 inches. The Norwegian Lundehund would do best living in a house with at least a small, fenced-in yard. The Norwegian Lundehund comes from a remote island in Norway. This article describes genetic rescue and analyzes the Norwegian Lundehund population genetic structure and differentiation, other dog breeds for outcrossing with the Norwegian Lundehund, and outlier loci among the other dog breeds. Molosser dogs. The Norwegian Lundehund needs to be exercised every day with a long daily walk or jog. With six toes on each foot—all of them double- or triple-jointed—and an amazing range of motion, this agile dog breed was used to scale cliffs and rob puffin nests of their eggs.Along with the Norwegian Lundehund’s acrobatic talents, they have a knack for barking and digging, making them a good choice only if you’re prepared to give them lots of supervision and training. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. Its adeptness at hunting puffins earns it its […] These dogs unusually have six toes per foot rather than the usual four. Image not available. Effective population size estimates varied between 13 and 82 depending on the method used. The Norwegian Lundehund is a small Spitz-type dog. Interestingly, the average litter size of the breed is only 2.75, much lower than the typical dog. They are usually reddish brown to tan in color, and most have white markings. The Norwegian Lundehund is an independent thinker and therefore can be very stubborn. It originated in Vaerog and Rost in northern Norway. Both Norwegian Lundehund and Greenland Dog requires Moderate maintenance. Size: Small: Behaviour and Personality. Origin: Norway. Their body shape is rectangular, the dog thus being slightly longer than it is tall. The Norwegian Lundehund is a smaller member of the Spitz family with a thick double coat to protect from harsh weather. If you're disgusted by slobber spots on your clothes, the Norwegian Lundehund could be a perfect choice for you. … The slightly rounded head is wedge shaped with a medium length muzzle, slightly sloping eyes and erect and broad ears. The Norwegian lundehund is energetic and playful. It has extremely flexible shoulder joints. It can be completely normal or a sign of a health problem. Having a flexible body stature, it is characterized with a wedge-shaped head, erect ears, deeply set eyes, strong legs, an elastic neck and most importantly six toes on both feet. Head: Clean, of medium width, wedge-shaped. Bitch: approx. Their wonderful personality, even-keeled disposition and small size make them an easy-to-live-with dog. Mouse over to … The Norwegian Lundehund is a perfect example for very low drooling tendency. Originally, they were bred to hunt and retrieve the Puffin, a meat and feather crop for the Norwegian farmer of past centuries living along the fjords and on the islands off the west coast. The Norwegian Lundehund is not particularly patient with toddlers who pull on his ears or tail. $85.99 + shipping . Norwegian Lundehund Dog breed. Norwegian Lundehund Wire Basket Dog Muzzles Size Chart - Norwegian Lundehund muzzle [M4###1073 Wire basket dog muzzle] - Norwegian Lundehund muzzle Please measure Lundehunds are more primitive in their behavior than many breeds, very inquisitive and independent. Their good temperament and small size makes them easy to live with pets although they can be a bit weary of strangers. It has six toes on each foot, including two dewclaws. Originating in Norway, the Norwegian Lundehund is a small-sized Spitz, with a rectangular body and agile nature. Shop high-quality unique Norwegian Lundehund T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Weight: Dog: approx. Your Lundie may be allergic to grain, so a grain-free diet may help. 61 - 76 cm. The Lundehund is a small Spitz-type breed which was originally bred for hunting puffins and their eggs. The name Lundehund is a combination of the Norwegian words "lunde," the Puffin bird, and "hund," meaning dog. Both Norwegian Lundehund and Greenland Dog has almost same litter size. The breeding plan includes the provision that anyone who buys a female puppy must commit to breeding her at least once. Size is between small and medium-sized, a perfect size for many households. The short coat is easy to groom and the color pattern is lovely. Basic Information. The Norwegian Lundehund (Norsk Lundehund), or commonly just Lundehund, has a curious meaning in Norwegian. This is Norway's oldest purebred dog. Norwegian Lundehund . Embroidered Sweatshirt - Komondor DLE1566 Sizes S - XXL. Variant detection and runs of homozygosity in next generation sequencing data elucidate the genetic … One of the coolest things about this dog is that it has six toes – not dew claws – on each foot. Height Female: 30 - 40 cm. Drooling is the unintentional saliva flowing outside of the mouth. Moving with a light, springy gait, the Lundehund is as swift, graceful, and agile as a fox, and is a surefooted climber and jumper. Bakharwal Dog . The Norwegian Lundehund is prone to an intestinal syndrome called Lundehund Intestinal Syndrome, so you’ll need to feed your dog a special intestinal diet. Origin of the Norwegian Lundehund. The Norwegian Lundehund is an ancient breed which has been there since the last Ice Age. These dogs are energetic, happy and loyal, but they aren't necessarily for the novice dog owner. A dog measuring the stated maximum should not be preferred to a smaller, otherwise equally good dog. Norwegian Lundehund . Males are clearly heavier than bitches. He is not suited for apartment life for that reason. Appearance and Size of the Norwegian Lundehunden. Some claim that the Lundehunds are descendants of a primaeval dog. How much exactly can vary depending on its level of activity, metabolism rate, size, health and age. The Norwegian Lundehund possesses some odd characteristics which other breeds do not. Group: Non sporting dog. Norwegian Lundehund. Norwegian Lundehund Fast Facts. They have six toes on each foot, including two dewclaws. : Breed: Norwegian Lundehund Also Called: Norwegian Puffin Dog, Lundehund Height: The Norwegian Lundehund is about 12.5-15 inches tall. The breed is intelligent and very curious. The word Lundehund is a compound noun: ‘Lunde-’ or ‘lundfugl’ means puffin or puffin bird and ‘-hund’ translates literally as dog. Country of Origin: Norway. Norwegian Lundehund Size. Optimal contribution selection alone facilitates no improvement in the current situation in the Lundehund due to the extremely high relatedness of the whole population. $59.99 + shipping . Opens image gallery. 2. Litter Size. It is a member of the Spitz family. Picture Information. Basic Information. May 14, 2013 - Norwegian Lundehund, Norsk Lundehund, Norwegian Puffin Dog. … Greenland. The Norwegian Lundehund is a rectangular spitz dog, small, comparatively light with distinct secondary sex characters. November 14, 2017. The Norwegian Lundehund is a Norwegian native breed with a number of distinctive characteristics. Around 1900, only a few of these dogs were seen in an isolated village in Norway. The Norwegian Lundehund became a regular AKC breed in 2010. They were traditionally used for hunting puffin in the remote Islands of their native homeland of Norway, and they have a long history. 61 - 76 cm. Originally a hunting dog. Pronounced, but not sharp stop. Written references to the breed date back to the fifteenth century. Weight: The Norwegian Lundehund weighs between 12-15 lbs. A Norwegian lundehund's flexibility and inquisitive nature can get the dog into trouble when venturing into tight spaces that are off-limits. These extra toes enable the dogs to climb steep rock formations. Embroidered Ladies Fleece Jacket - Norwegian Lundehund DLE1617 Sizes S - XXL. Grooming. By keeping a close on your Lundie’s diet, you’ll be able to cut down on gastrointestinal issues. 7 kgs. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. He is also a vocal dog and loves to bark. Ask your vet or breeder for their recommendation. Height Male: 30 - 40 cm. Origin Purpose: Bird hunting and retrieval. The dogs were no longer useful to the farmers and the breed numbers dwindled. Originally, these dogs were used to hunt puffins, and The Norwegian Lundehund is the only breed known to retrieve live birds. So many just refer to this breed as a Norwegian Puffin Dog. Category Film & Animation; Show more Show less. Unusual anatomical characteristics. For centuries it was used to hunt puffins from nests on steep cliffs. Both Norwegian Lundehund and Bakharwal Dog requires Moderate maintenance. See more ideas about Norwegian lundehund, Dog breeds, Dogs. 6 kgs. Weight: 13 to 16 pounds. 11 - 16 inches. To avoid overeating and unhealthy weight gain, it is suggested to stick to a feeding schedule, rather than free feeding. They can climb and tunnel, so few things are out of their reach. Examples of distinctive traits are six toes on both front- and back legs, as well as unusual flexibility that allows the dogs to climb in harsh terrains. Distinctive physical characteristics enabled Lundehunds to excel at hunting. The name of the breed is based on the purpose of the breed—the Norwegian word for puffin is ‘lunde’, and ‘hund’ is the word for dog. The dog was originally bred for hunting of puffins and their eggs. About 4 to 8 puppies. India. Some scientific research indicates that they may have been around since before the last Ice age, and they are the only dog breed created to hunt puffins and their eggs! Dog Breed Classification: Non-Sporting group. 51 - 68 cm. Greenland Dog . 11 - 16 inches. The Lundehund is a loyal and playful family companion. The coat is usually brown with white markings. It has joints in the nape of the neck, which other dogs do not have. The Norwegian Lundehund are also known as Lundehund, Norwegian Puffin Dog, Norsk Lundehund and Lundies.

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