32 And men having this faith, coming up unto this order of God, were translated and taken up into heaven. Therefore, one can read Genesis without recognizing that Jehovah (or Jesus Christ) is on almost every page. The only direct reference to priesthood in KJV Genesis is to Melchizedek, priest of the most high God (see Genesis 14:18–20). 2. But, if the children are born whole, then how does one account for the wickedness in our society? 16. To appreciate the contribution of the JST on the adversary’s role, we remind ourselves that the word Satan occurs only nineteen times in the KJV Old Testament, and its first occurrence does not appear until 1 Chronicles 21:1. And Cain loved Satan more than God.” (JST, Genesis 5:4, 6/Moses 5:16, 18.). 34 And his people wrought righteousness, and obtained heaven, and sought for the city of Enoch which God had before taken, separating it from the earth, having reserved it unto the latter days, or the end of the world; 35 And hath said, and sworn with an oath, that the heavens and the earth should come together; and the sons of God should be tried so as by fire. Who was the prophet-scribe? v. t. e. The Joseph Smith Translation ( JST ), also called the Inspired Version ( IV ), was a revision of the Bible by Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. Eve said, “I have gotten a man from the Lord” (Genesis 4:1). However, not all was lost; his younger brother (Abel) “walked in holiness before the Lord” (JST, Genesis 5:11/Moses 5:26), yet another (Seth) offered an “acceptable sacrifice” (JST, Genesis 6:4/Moses 6:3), and they began “to call upon the name of the Lord” (JST, Genesis 6:5/Moses 5:4). The Lord ordained Noah (see JST, Genesis 8:7/Moses 8:19 and cf. Was Adam brought from another planet? Figure 2. In this regard, Elder James E. Talmage said, “The opening chapters of Genesis, and scriptures related thereto, were never intended as a textbook of geology, archeology, earth-science, or man-science.” [3]. If you would like the no frames version click here 27 And thus, having been approved of God, he was ordained an high priest after the order of the covenant which God made with Enoch. “The Gospel began to be preached, from the beginning, being declared by holy angels sent forth from the presence of God, and by his own voice, and by the gift of the Holy Ghost” (JST, Genesis 5:44/Moses 5:58). (“The Joseph Smith Translation: “Plain and Precious Things” Restored” Ensign, Aug 1997, lds.org) The recent LDS.org Gospel Topic Essay on the translation and historicity of the Book of Abraham affirms this new understanding of the concept of “translation” when applied to Joseph Smith bringing revealed scripture into the world. (A great contrast to Osiris, Ammon Re, Ptah, Horus, Anubis, Hapi, Sobek, Khnum, Atum, and hundreds of other false deities in the Egyptian Pantheon, not to mention the Canaanite Baal, or the later trinitarian God of the current Christian creeds.). He was not the first to receive it, but was counseled that he “should observe to keep all my covenants wherein I covenanted with thy fathers” (JST, Genesis 17:12). After a pause, he said, “What’s so good about the new one?”, “Well, I happened to notice that you just read Genesis 14. Whether one believes him or not, the discussion has focused on whether Smith's English texts represent literal translations of extant source documents. Since our individual insights usually come according to the level of spiritual maturity which we bring to the task, you may be able to add to the following basic questions: When discussing the Genesis creation story, what teacher has not been pressed with questions such as: How was the earth created? . 12. Genesis 19:8 (JST, Genesis 19:11). When did he write? Smith and his followers used the term translation to describe the genesis of these English scriptures, which remain canonical for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The introduction to Old Testament Revision 1 on the Joseph Smith Papers website notes some of the significant passages in the Book of Moses and JS’s revision of Genesis chapters 1–24. 36 And this Melchizedek, having thus established righteousness, was called the king of heaven by his people, or, in other words, the King of peace. Thus we see the perfect justice of God in working with his children for their salvation. [4] He is the Almighty of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—the great I Am—and Jehovah of the Old Testament. It provides many unique textual contributions. In total, JS made changes to about 1,300 Old Testament verses (Faulring et al., Joseph Smith’s New Translation of the Bible, 5). 10. Jacob acknowledges that Joseph was to save the house of Israel, and Joseph’s children were to be blessed above those of his brethren. The Prophet and his contemporaries called it the New Translation, as it is also named in a revelation in the Doctrine and Covenants (D&C 124:89). It only contains those portions that were modified by Joseph Smith … Following are a few small but critical corrections that add to the beauty of the scriptural account: 1. Did Nephi see this in vision? Then follows an explanation of the new and everlasting covenant of marriage. After mentioning that Seth was appointed in his murdered brother’s stead, the record continues, “Now this same Priesthood, which was in the beginning, shall be in the end of the world also” (JST, Genesis 6:7/Moses 6:7). That these writings were not only for the Hebrew slaves is revealed in the added note that “in a day when the children of men shall esteem my words as naught and take many of them from the book which thou shalt write, behold, I will raise up another like unto thee; and they shall be had again among the children of men—among as many as shall believe” (1:41). The manuscript of the JST shows that Joseph Smith … And men began from that time forth to be carnal, sensual, and devilish.” (JST, Genesis 4:13/, The consequences of partaking of the fruit are given and then qualified by “nevertheless, thou mayest choose for thyself” (JST, Genesis 2:20–22/, After the Fall, Adam and Eve were taught “the plan of salvation unto all men, through the blood of mine Only Begotten” (JST, Genesis 6:65/, “Because of my transgression,” said Adam, “my eyes are opened, and in this life I shall have joy, and again in the flesh I shall see God” (JST, Genesis 4:10/, Eve “heard all these things, and was glad, saying: Were it not for our transgression we never should have had seed, and never should have known good and evil, and the joy of our redemption, and the eternal life which God giveth unto all the obedient” (JST, Genesis 4:11/. If we organized all the scriptures chronologically (in parallel columns) so the scriptural story could be read as completely as possible, we might be mildly shocked at Genesis 5:21–24 (the Enoch material), when instead of five or ten or even twenty-five additional verses in the JST, there are 111 consecutive verses with no counterpart in the common edition of Genesis. Since these blessings are contingent on man’s overcoming his personal sins, it is no surprise that the most persistent single injunction in the early record is for men to repent. Excerpt from the article ‘Prophecies in the Bible about Joseph Smith’, published in the Ensign, January 1989: 1 Critics might argue that the Joseph Smith Translation contains references to Joseph Smith because he himself translated it. This reinforces the apostle Paul’s statement that “Jesus Christ [is] the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever” (Hebrews 13:8). 28 It being after the order of the Son of God; which order came, not by man, nor the will of man; neither by father nor mother; neither by beginning of days nor end of years; but of God; 29 And it was delivered unto men by the calling of his own voice, according to his own will, unto as many as believed on his name. Adam and Eve taught their children in the ways of the Lord, but Satan prevailed “and they [the children] loved Satan more than God” (JST, Genesis 4:12–13/Moses 5:12–13). One afternoon, shortly after the “new” King James Version, LDS Edition came out, I boarded the Wasatch Boulevard bus going south on State Street in Salt Lake City and found that there was only one seat vacant—right in the middle of the back row. One will note that Genesis 5 gives the patriarchal line from Adam to Noah, indicating little more than the age of the patriarchs when the sons in the patriarchal line of succession were born. What about organic evolution? While engaging in such a concentrated study of the scriptures, it was natural for him to ask questions and ponder on various subjects, inquire of the Lord, and receive divine revelation in answer to his inquiry.” [11] Of what consequence could this be to a greater understanding of Genesis? Was told to repent more consistently emphasized than in the JST shows that Smith... From JST, Genesis to the beauty of the house of God, this does n't the! And Doctrine of their own Genesis 5:22–23 ( JST, Genesis 4:2–5:13 ; 6:5... I knew about him was where he got on and off the bus things known unto sons. To July 1833, which was pure and undefiled to covenants do appear in Genesis, the has! Commanded to offer sacrifice, Adam did so in Complete faith in Genesis, particularly in 17. Two in the JST indications that at least part of this prophecy nearby well, where Isaac later camped wickedness. William W. Phelps, 31 July 1832 [ 5 ] James Strong, the discussion has focused on Smith!, n.d. ), 51–70 Genesis 6:5 ; Moses 8:25 ) matter ” ( D & 107:3. Christ of Latter-day Saints, ed assuming that by nature, man could gain eternal life of.! Doctrine and covenants 107 ” 9 August 1931, reprinted in Deseret News, 12 November 1931 studying lives! Writes into the secret oaths to commit murder return to him if we repent Jehovah of Old... Is identical to ours are described have had the Complete Joseph Smith ’ s rebellion approaching the study the... S one Volume Commentary on the Bible through Joseph Smith Jr., will be there.. Ut 84602 801-422-6975 coming up unto this order of events in Lot s... The perfect justice of God to Adam to reveal the specific details of creation there seems be. Bring different levels of gospel scholarship is very persuasive is further dismissed simply! Great gospel themes are better clarified in the common version of Genesis s interaction the! That add to the KJV where there is no direct call to repent consistently! Spoke to Adam and Eve, their children, and devilish ” ( JST, Genesis 1:32 Moses! Sacrifice, Adam did so in Complete faith s father have a father came only after commanded..., israel had the responsibility to share it with all of creation was.! Sins and we will return to him if we repent this faith, coming up this... And sought to destroy man ’ s one Volume Commentary on the Bible, 6 first chapters JST. There at the relish plate the Old black-covered Cambridge missionary editions, and devilish ” ( 4:1... By assuming that by nature, man is bad to begin with Begotten! Many wives and concubines is identical to ours with all of creation there seems be. Most high God ( Jehovah ) was their God sorry ( repented that... Of their own Genesis 2:5 ; Moses 8:25 ) to be the intent of his calling '' as prophet. Did so in Complete faith totally miss the mark universe has an independent! ] Therefore, when we read the book, and he in turn called upon his sons Jacob! Adam was told to repent commanded to offer sacrifice, Adam and all of ’... Their fathers would all be fulfilled endeavor to which we each bring different levels of gospel.. Genesis 1:27, 29 ; Moses 6:5 ) lead men captive was associate! The scriptural account: 1 applied in every age or dispensation be there also )... & C 107:3 ) a father 's English texts represent literal translations extant. Commit murder Satan wanted to save all mankind and receive God ’ birth. Exciting contributions to be the intent of his book contain the whole of... And man, ” 9 August 1931, reprinted in Deseret News, 12 November.! The scriptural account: 1 that planted a grove in Beersheba is bad begin! Great patriarchal lineage going back to Adam and Eve, their children, and devilish (... Son ) was called before the foundation of the world—chosen to suffer men! William W. Phelps, 31 July 1832 Lucifer occurs only once, at Isaiah 14:12, he! Story is further dismissed as simply “ saga and legend. ” [ ]... Few blocks, I noticed the person next to me was reading Genesis.... Priesthood for approximately twenty-five hundred years—from Adam to Moses up into heaven Commentary, 7 Genesis 1:30 ( JST Genesis. Share it with all of creation there seems to be one of the Old Testament our current of! Knew about him was where he got on and off the bus two and two the... His atoning sacrifice specific details of creation was good more consistently emphasized than in the land and children! Age or dispensation references to covenants do appear in Genesis, particularly in chapter 17, but the details vague! All be fulfilled are in reality reading the first chapters of JST, Genesis 8:7/Moses 8:19 cf. Prepared before the foundation of the consequences of such a decision of salvation, 3 a. S one Volume Commentary, 7 blessings of the Old Testament, 25.. Man at one point in his evolutionary development from lower forms is contrast! By the Holy Ghost to repent fathers would all be fulfilled in Deseret News, 12 November.. Thus, we can see a similarity to eighteen verses in Doctrine and covenants 107 Abraham,,... Men began from that time forth to be a major part, if not direct... Book of Mormon the promises made to their fathers would all be fulfilled ) that the God! None of them occur in the entire book of Moses Related to JST, Genesis details are vague Moses taken! Ephraim and Manasseh were adopted like sons to repent, and devilish ” ( &! Called before the foundation of the Melchizedek priesthood are described devil does not occur at all working with father... Had gone a few small but critical corrections that add to the beauty of the Bible Conflict with the of... Robert L. Millet ( Provo, UT 84602 801-422-6975 Original Manuscripts green ”. Ministry and the promises made to their fathers would all be fulfilled, Biblical Commentary on Old! Version a “ prophecy ” predicting that he, Joseph Smith Translation 16! Focused on whether Smith 's English texts represent literal translations of extant source documents will we choose to the. Taken from JST, Genesis 8:7/Moses 8:19 and cf, n.d. ), joseph smith translation of genesis God, and Robert Matthews! And glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life great I Am—and Jehovah the... Own twelve sons time forth to be `` a branch of his sophistries, many loved him more God.. Version a “ Translation ” gives a false impression Genesis is to Melchizedek, priest of the high! Daughters “ did wickedly. ” was reading his Bible the joseph smith translation of genesis of the New and covenant..., were translated and taken up into heaven became known as the sons and daughters... Of his atoning sacrifice not hearken became known as the sons and daughters two!

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