If your vehicle doesn’t already have a receiving mount for a hitch, make sure that you can mount one. Galvanized steel, for instance, resists both rust and corrosion much better than untreated steel. { Get the trailer that suits your needs and has as much versatility as you might need. Required fields are marked *. }, Your email address will not be published. So if you need the best lawn mower trailer around, this is the one you want! Customers are happy that this cart is lightweight, making it easier to move while empty. MotoAlliance has done a great job of designing this piece of equipment, which is arguably the best ATV dump trailer on the market. This trailer is designed to carry heavier loads. They can handle almost any terrain and will easily, confidently withstand any weight that you introduce to the steel bed of the trailer. The cart is made of heavy-duty structural foam, which is both lightweight and resistant to punctures, scratches, abrasions and other common potential problems. With improvements headed by the automotive industry, steel has been treated and sold with improvements to make it more resistant to rust. These tires also have steel mesh belts, providing better flexibility and traction. "name": "How much does a utility trailer cost? Decking is not included, but that just means that you can customize this trailer however you like. Diamond plating on the aluminum fenders finishes off the look while lending itself to impressive durability and resistance to wear and tear. This will ultimately limit your trailer’s lifespan. A two-inch coupler and safety chain are also included. When considering what type of utility trailer to buy, the first thing to ask yourself is what you’ll use it for. Don’t let that fool you though – this cart is extremely durable and promises to work hard for years after your initial purchase. Check out these options. Expand To See MoreSee Less The strong steel bed will easily support and carry up to 1,400 pounds worth of weight. It also sports an 18-gauge removable tailgate for the same reason. Included in your purchase is a full LED light set with all appropriate wiring. "text": "If you plan on taking the trailer on public roads you will need to register it and get a license plate. If you have any questions for legal requirements, guidelines, and regulations, you should contact your local or state DOT office. However, aluminum isn’t as strong as steel. Also, consider buying used. Consider things like length and width of the trailer and what, if any, limitations exist in your location regarding trailer dimensions. It is usually more expensive because of these facts, as well. For example, larger cargo requires more space, while heavy items need a higher load capacity. Make sure you have the proper storage facilities to avoid an unnecessary penalty. "acceptedAnswer": { The powder coating on the steel helps to protect it from rust, corrosion, and any other results of exposure or use that might otherwise affect it. The easiest way to do this is to use the bolt pattern. These are usually 1-3/4" deep by 3-1/2" wide. If you haul cargo around your house or transport cargo work work a utility trailer is a very worthwhile investment." I bought a lot of stuff, including plywood, bolts, nuts, washers, drill bits, spray paint, a … If you need to move materials, work or sports equipment, or any particularly large furniture, a great thing to look into is a utility trailer. View options, pricing, images & parts for the PJ 77 inch Single Axle Channel Utility (U7). If you are looking for a good utility trailer with a low price as a bonus, this is it! Rubbermaid Commercial Tractor Cart at a Glance: Weight Capacity: 1,500 pounds Cargo Capacity: 15 cubic feet Dimensions: 76 x 39.5 x 33.2 inches Trailer Weight: 116 pounds. If it is too small or is constantly overburdened beyond its suggested carrying weight, the stress will begin to cause microscopic cracks in the grain of the tongue. Alternatively, they may have slats or d-rings to secure your equipment. The trailer features a removable tailgate and side rails, so you can load this cart up from any angle, making it great for regular dump cart uses as well as making it a fantastic ATV/UTV trailer. A: While some trailers can be used for both ATV/UTV and utility use, not all that are advertised to handle such a task actually should. Customer reviews report that aside from the attractive aesthetics and impressive features, this trailer is easy to assemble. Skip paying extra for delivery of furniture and appliances, haul recreational vehicles like ATVs, and easily take trash to the dump. }, { "@type": "Answer", Sure-Trac Landscape and Utility Trailers are widely respected for having the best fit and finish in the industry. This will eventually lead to breaking and failure, which can be catastrophic and may ultimately damage the load it was carrying as well. A: When buying your trailer, there are some basic things to consider like price, warranty, quality of customer service, and applicable use that generally apply to any purchase, not just trailers. Aluminum alloys are approximately 95 percent aluminum that is combined with copper, titanium, chromium, and/or zinc. Utility Trailer Stock Number 308112 Year: 2021 One of the first things you should know how to do is measure your trailer tire. Part of that maintenance includes proper storage. It takes longer to stop if the trailer and the cargo weigh more than the vehicle itself. MotoAlliance has done a great job of designing this piece of equipment, which is arguably the best ATV dump trailer on the market. With these trailers, two axles are placed close together as close to the center of the trailer as possible. Built with a rustproof, heavy-duty aluminum frame, this trailer is both tough and lightweight. Happy hauling! Knobby Flotation Tires, Polyethylene Body, 680.4 kg (1500 lb.) These are simple but necessary questions when thinking about your utility trailer needs. Learn how your comment data is processed. |, 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Car Trailer. Make sure you skip at least one of the bolts during this process. "ratingValue": "4.75", Built with 18” wood sides and a 22” tube top rail and featuring tube uprights, spring assist rear ramp gate, setback jack, and all LED Lights, the Tube Top 3-Board High Side trailers are built tough and will perform in even the toughest job. The MotoAlliance Impact Implements XT1500 ATV/UTV Heavy Duty Utility Cart is a fantastic piece of equipment. This foam doesn’t rust like metal and alloys can, but it can be punctured or otherwise damaged over time. "@type": "Question", Polar is known for making great, universal hauling carts. With these things in mind, you can make the best decision on what trailer will suit your needs. It won’t tear up yards or sink easily in thick muds or sands, so you can work without worry. A: If you plan on taking the trailer on public roads you will need to register it and get a license plate. Check out these options. Malone MicroSport XT Trailer at a Glance: Weight Capacity: 800 pounds Cargo Capacity: 71 square feet Dimensions: 65 x 159 inches (102.5 inches when retracted) Trailer Weight: 271 pounds. Once you know the maximum weight that your vehicle can safely handle towing, subtract the weight of the trailer while it’s empty. 1639 lb. High $ Low $ Newest. You should also consider weight, strength, corrosion potential and resistance, cost, and the potential to combine different materials for different parts of the trailer. m. (20 cu. The fenders of this trailer will protect your cargo from any rocks, debris, or anything else that might come in contact with the frame. It also sports an 18-gauge removable tailgate for the same reason. (888) 280-6695. Plies are rubber-covered nylon or polyester layers, laid out in 30- to 45-degree angles off the center of the tire. The Malone MicroSport XT Trailer is the best small utility trailer. No Sponsored Content. PJ Utilities are designed with the potential to add many customizable options to fit your needs. They have polyester cords laid and overlapping at 90 degrees off the tire’s center. Oldest. When thinking about fuel economy and size, length is better than width for fuel economy as well as visibility and maneuvering. No matter how big a job you have to complete, this cart will step up to the task and handle it beautifully. (19) If you just use it around your house you do not need a license plate. © Copyright 2021, | Outside Pursuits | All Rights Reserved. The remainder will be the maximum load that your vehicle can handle. This trailer is easy to assemble and is sure to fit your canoe, kayak, and bicycle-related transportation needs! Do you need a wider trailer for ATV use, or a longer trailer to move furniture? Consider the uses you have in mind. Here are some common uses for utility trailers: These are just some of the uses people buy utility trailers for. The bed also pivots and tilts for easy dumping. This improves maneuverability and reduces wind drag. View the entire selection of Utility Trailers currently offered by Pro-Line Trailers. In this guide, we’ll go over our favorite utility trailers and what they can help you accomplish. the pictures and the price can be a little bit different than the pub in this present ad ST-6210HST-B-030 Heavy tube top frame, 2X6 treated decking and 5/4 treated lumber sides; equipped with a fold flat ramp gate. You can easily and securely haul everything from branches to dirt, to boulders with this cart. Cronkhite’s High Side Utility Trailers are our new single axle gate ramp trailer line. away . Their customer service is reported to be excellent, prompt and polite, as well. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. Buy at least six 3/8 x 5-1/8-in. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s good to know what exactly you will get from either of these material types. Expand To See MoreSee Less Right-On is known for having well-priced, attractive, durable trailers whose quality greatly exceeds the pricing, and this trailer is no exception to that standard. It can easily support up to 800 pounds. Make sure that your vehicle can support a hitch being mounted to it, and make sure the hitch is compatible with the trailer. Take a look at the difference in RPM Trailer Sales open utility trailers. Contrarily, some manufacturers label an ATV trailer as one that fits a hitch on an ATV, for the ATV to haul for small projects or moving smaller amounts of something that maybe don’t require a full-sized utility trailer. Open trailers tend to have low railings or solid sides that can help contain your cargo. Model #MMT5X7G. Radial Tires: These tires are the most similar to passenger vehicle and light truck tires. RIGHT-ON TRAILER Multi-Sport Multi-Rack at a Glance: Weight Capacity: 300 pounds Cargo Capacity: Depends on configuration Dimensions: 132 x 64 inches Trailer Weight: 162 pounds. ATV trailers are designed and built to have lower, curved or no railing at all. Make sure you check the dimensions, weight capacities, and function before purchasing a trailer. Using the hefty carbon-steel axle and over-sized pneumatic tires, this cart can be used in any terrain you can haul it across. Trailers; Parts; Service & Repair; Specials; Used Trailers; About Pro-Line; ... 6 x 12' Mesh Side Utility Trailer - Model#612UM $2,389.99 . Typically, axle weight capacities in relation to their diameter are as follows: A: In most instances, a good rule of thumb for the length of a utility trailer tongue is for it to be at least as long as half of the towing vehicle’s width. Learn More About How We Research, Evaluate, And Why You Can Trust Us Here. This trailer is unique in its versatility and functionality. People who purchased this trailer and left reviews seem to love the quality and durability of the trailer itself, but do mention that it is a little difficult to assemble. The tailgate and side rails to this trailer are removable. If your vehicle doesn’t already have a trailer hitch, you can install one. This is one of, if not the, largest dump cart on the market currently. Will it be stored outside or inside? See More + It’s an undeniable fact that this cart was built with universal durability and functionality in mind. Tube Top Utility Trailer Tube Top ATV Utility Trailer A: Utility trailers have many uses. Another thing to consider is the task of actually transporting the trailer.

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