It is situated 12 kilometres away from Neredikonda. It is built on the godavari river. The Patel was very supportive and kind. Monsoons and post-monsoons are the best seasons to visit Kuntala Falls. thanks. This post is for you. Please let me know if you run into anything. It was suited for us. The waterfall is situated at a distance of 25 KM from Kuntala waterfall. Kuntala Falls. The best time to visit will always be the monsoon season. Since it was morning 7:00 a.m. we met many pedestrians and natural speed breakers like bullock cart, cows, bicycles, etc. Google had done an excellent job on GPS. Around 5K cash. When people talk about kuntala waterfall and pochera waterfall this place also provides a beautiful view. The best time to visit the waterfalls is after monsoon season. Kuntala Waterfalls are the highest waterfalls in Telangana … It can be reached through an opening in the rock. It is situated really deep into the jungle. we touched 120 kilometers per hour. From the Main road at around 10 to 12-kilometer kuntala waterfall was situated. It is the highest waterfall in the state with a height of 50 meters. This is the best places I have ever gone to. As we Indians are little conservative please do not wear which attract unwanted views From locals and other visitors. The nearby roads were very slippery and full of mud. Kuntala, the highest waterfalls in the state, is a spectacular sight in full flow. The Telangana tourism has done a fabulous job keeping the area clean along with the several rocky beds of Kadam river for travelers on a trip to the waterfall. It was very close to the highway. There were places to seat by the dam. These are the highest waterfalls in Telangana and are nestled in the dense forests of Adilabad. How to Work With Runtime Objects in VBScript or UFT ? Few stalls were fully closed and few started packing. Just after crossing Armoor, our GPS indicated that after a few kilometers we need to take left to Sriramsagar reservoir. So it is advised to carry our own food and water bottle. After finishing lunch at 3:00 p.m. We took some rest inside our car. Your email address will not be published. Kuntala Waterfalls. We played with the streams little bit and I tried to reach to the top, where already people went. The second route was not recommended without locals help. Google Maps : Link; More pictures and details : Link 2. The return journey was very quick. It was a truly nice place with scenic beauty and natural air-conditioned. Luckily though, we got tea in a stall. The surrounding could only be compared with ChidiyaTapu of Andaman. (full tank).As we moved towards Nirmal, HP petrol bunk number reduces. our leg and body welcomed the much-needed break. Once we dropping off the main road, the road condition became worst. Only one roadside Dhaba served us tea. Well written! The water flows from a height of 150 feet and must walk for 10 minutes to reach the waterfall. Adventure in these areas can be very dangerous. As per the legend, the waterfall is named after Shakuntala, who was believed to have fallen in love with king Dushyanta, at the very site. Few questions you need to answer before I begin to describe my Trip to Kuntala Waterfall. We were a little lucky that only two gates were opened. Kuntala Waterfalls near Warangal is a gorgeous … Kunta in Gondi and Telugu language means pond. One need to take extreme care about children and themselves. They also warned us about the huge rain that happened last night might increase the water flow. (Not recommended again.) It is advised to take proper knowledge about the gate opening period, timing to get maximum from this place. We had to come back to Neredikunda, just before the village (while going from Hyderabad it should be the right side and after the village, we needed to take left). For this visit along with a small boy who was guarding our cars. We took plenty of pictures here. So we started off early at 6 a.m. as we had planned to do the whole trip in a single day. The waterfall is a two-step fall with a height of 40 feet. We got Indian oil though. However, the steps were not straight down. There were plenty of food stalls available. These waterfalls are in the dense forests inhabited by the Gonds. One could see the Kadam river from the steps in self. This is also considered to be an adventurous spot of Telangana. Sometimes we may sit temporary stalls for water and tea but cannot depend on them. Pochera also had steps to climb down. We need to understand and value their sentiment as well. Gayathri waterfall is also known as gididhagur Dam or Muktigur Dam. We are working on your enquiry and will get back to you with best prices. I felt that we could have halted in Nirmal. Trekking to this waterfall needed moderate experience. The nearest bus stop to Kuntala is Neredikonda. Bathing was allowed in some restricted places. I took the second and easiest route to reach Gayathri waterfall. Do not miss the bath in the nearby pool if your guide permits. As per our guide, the water at the waterfall did not dry even after drought or during full summer. Since then, we were only on tea and our own breakfast. A flex posted and published there. It was one of the biggest dam or water reservoir project in Telangana. There was no signboard indicating the way to the waterfall. So from the trip to Neredikonda, the village we need to take left instead of right. We stopped here for a tea break. The winding roads en route. Bhiknoor Toll Plaza -Just after crossing chegunta. I mean they mostly need the spoon to offer vegetarian and nonvegetarian food although I had experienced this in two different hotels at the roadside. The mesmerizing sound of water gives you a good music, the best time to visit these are after 12:00pm. Suddenly sunlight dropped the whole area become gloomy. It was 6:00 p.m. by my watch. Visitors mainly depend on first aid kits available with themselves. In the entire Andhra Pradesh this is the highest waterfall that has a height of 45 mts. I love a few things i see so now i am following you. Kuntala Waterfalls are best for one day outing for the people of Hyderabad. Pochera waterfall was a treat to enchants, eyes and cameras. The local fisherman warned us not too near the falls as the road was slippery and muddy. The below hotels were good. Some basic details like name, blood group, emergency contact numbers. It was 10 am by my watch. Red marks are not good on mother Earth. adreamoftrains web hosting. Recently the nearby villages open food stalls around it. Please enter the code below. we had to buy a parking ticket( costing rupees 20 per car). It is the highest waterfall in the state with a height of 150 feet. we were tired too. These are truly good places for kids young stars, family group or social outing. Google Maps Direction for Bheemuni Paadam Waterfalls The best time to visit Bheemuni Paadam waterfalls is the Monsoon Season. I request all my viewers to take care of these truly untouched beauties. I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this. The highest waterfall of Telangana is Kuntala on the Kadem River. Take necessary permission from Patel and nearby Police station for a successful Camping and trekking. The nearest bus stop to Kuntala is Neredikonda. Are you a gear head? During this season, the River Kanda has more of water and thus creating for a better experience. It is risky to get into water at the base when the water stream is high because of sharp shakes and curves. Just four hours away from Hyderabad, Kuntala Falls is a good option. our speed drastically came off to 15 kilometers per hour in a few phases. Sign Boards are much needed. Kuntala Waterfalls. Post monsoon or during monsoon is the correct time to visit this place. Kuntala Falls. Very close to nature(it itself is the nature). He charged 150 rupees per head. The roaring sound of water started increasing as and when we came near to the falls. Vast no.of tourists plan to visit Bheemuni Paadam waterfall in weekends and holidays. People believe that the waterfall got its name from Shakuntala , the beloved wife of King Dushyanth who met each other here and fell in love. The water from the kedam river when fallen to the rocky stone,it created a huge mist cascade. The best time to visit this place is during the rainy season and winter. There were around 500 steps to go down to the actual Falls. There were no people nearby. There was an island nearby the dam which said to have nested for all migratory birds. The best seasons to visit Kuntala Waterfalls is during monsoons and post-monsoons. Only me and my wife were walking by the dam. This waterfall is situated in the river of Kadem which is in Neredikonda Village. Kuntala is the highest waterfall of Telangana( 200 feet) creates Kadam river. A heaven on earth is what the scenic Kuntala waterfalls in Adilabad district is considered to be, but the growing incidence of drowning cases of … The jungle-covered us from the scorching heat of the sun. Kuntala Waterfall: At 147 feet (45 meters), Kuntala waterfall is the highest waterfall in the state of Telangana, India. As we did not plan for staying there, we did not research much. The roads are not that maintained and rocks are slippery. he Took a shortcut via jungle to reach near the car. Carry your own first aid kit, carry antacid as well. A nice place to get relief from all the stress. There is no proper signboard to guide us to the waterfall. Soon after we met the village head(Patel). It had many turns and places to take rest. Pochera waterfall is another beautiful waterfall on Kadam river. Kuntala waterfalls is one of the best and highest waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh. It is a Paradise for photographer and nature lovers. Lucky for us that one of the Indian oil did accept the credit card at Nirmal. Need medical facility at least at Kuntala waterfall area. Bus service is better if you do not have a car. It was not a proper shop but makeshift arrangements by locals. These waterfalls are in the dense forests inhabited by the Gonds. We could not visit these canals. The way was through a dense jungle. we started at around 8:30 a.m. towards the lesser known Gayathri waterfall. Our travel to Dandupally was without traffic. We were hungry, Pochera had offered us bread omelet and tea. The highway went to Nagpur via Nizamabad. Kuntala Water Falls is located in Adilabad. Just before Nirmal, we could see some ruined forts. The water flow is good if visited during the monsoon season. The flow of these falls depends on the release of water from the Kadam Reservoir. Hyderabad- Adilabad- Kutty village- tar naam village- keep the car here- what two kilometers in mud Road then 5-kilometer trekking to reach this hidden treasures. Make sure to go after monsoon. Need tap water or drinking water facility at the bottom. Do not enter to jungle if you do not have a local guide.