He is of a muscular build. After leaving the training camp, Kageyama trains for Spring High with the former Coach Ukai and Hinata or by jogging on his own[23]. Kageyama’s confused initially but responds that they have another match to play now. After Kageyama gives a different toss, Hinata angrily calls it out. Contact Tobio Kageyama on Messenger. Just as they begin worrying about where to practice, they hear Tanaka discreetly telling them what time morning practice is, allowing them to come up with a plan. He was oblivious to Ukai trying to get them to calm down and is only able to slow his pace when Hinata was able to send his receive high into the air to give them room to breath. Kageyama asks if this behavior is any different from last year’s and Hinata asks for another try without any hesitation. Before the match, Kageyama goes to Aoba Johsai to see how they’re doing but has trouble with his disguise. To their surprise, Sugawara bows and asks them to defeat Date Tech with their strengths as the ultimate decoy and superior setter. Though the members loom over them, they don’t do anything and proceed to head inside. https://petstarplanet-ultimate-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Tobio_Kageyama?oldid=7182. or. Kageyama affirms that the strongest decoy is just as good as an ace. In response, Kageyama surprises both his teammates and opponents with a return dump and stares Shirabu down afterward[34]. In the end, the association wins and Asahi and Nishinoya return to the team. The two remain outside the gym. Facebook gives people the power to share … His typical attire consists of either his school uniform or practice clothes. Buy products related to kageyama tobio products and see what customers say about kageyama tobio products on Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Right as Hinata hits the wall, Kageyama questions his anxiety, emphasizing his words by smacking his head. Before choosing Karasuno, Kageyama tried to get into. Despite his newfound confidence, his final toss to Hinata ends up being blocked. Daichi laughs and asks Kageyama how he would be able to do that in a game where teamwork is so essential. Later that evening, Nishinoya returns thanks to Hinata’s coaxing to teach the first years how to receive. The second set begins and Kunimi goes to spike. Hinata still doesn’t seem to understand that well, but Kageyama drops the subject. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows … Her eyes are almond shaped and are a lighter color than her hair. He’s even more surprised to see Oikawa easily bring out their full potential. Miwa Kageyama (Older Sister)Kazuyo Kageyama (Grandfather)Unnamed Parents Weight His seiyuu, Ishikawa Kaito, is also the seiyuu for. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He's seen to be flustered, but at the same time excited. He explains Karasuno’s goals to go to Nationals before asserting that he doesn’t want any players on his team who would fight with one another. Setter Kageyama is the first to serve during the match but seems annoyed when Kai was able to receive the serve without much trouble. A while later, Kageyama is seen playing a practice game with the other youth camp players. The players of both teams gather to warm up. As a result, Kageyama was benched. The other members are outraged, wondering if Aoba Johsai only agreed to play with them because of Kageyama. your own Pins on Pinterest Kageyama expresses his gratitude, and subsequently asks where the station is, with Chigaya saying that he'll walk him there. Kageyama Tobio Surprisingly, Kageyama doesn’t have any problems with it. Shortly after, Atsumu was able to predict what attack Kageyama would try since the receive made was thrown off. Before the game began, Kageyama went to the bathroom, where he encountered Hinata being bullied by members from Kitagawa Daiichi. Tanaka questions why Kageyama’s at a school like Karasuno anyway and the latter replies that Shiratorizawa rejected him, much to Tsukishima’s amusement. Kageyama further frustrates the Tsubakihara team when he executes a setter dump and is heavily praised by most of his team though Asahi claims their 'compliments' are actually insults. It succeeds and soon, they’re able to overwhelm Tsukishima’s team. Sugawara solemnly explains that he was afraid of competing for his position with Kageyama, but at the same time, he was relieved because he was always afraid of tossing a ball that would be blocked. Kageyama is surprised at first, but quickly responds with a grin to the smaller boy's statement. Now officially part of the team, the two head right to practice for future matches. He reminds the setter of his last game, when his teammates abandoned him, refusing to go after his toss. Off to the sidelines, Yachi notes that the situation seemed scarier than normal. The match soon begins and Kageyama’s immediately annoyed when Inuoka remarks that he isn’t underestimating Hinata. Ages: 8 years and up. Hinata is later switched in and says to Kageyama that Oikawa is amazing. The next day, both teams prepare for the match. Kageyama and Oikawa approach each other and Oikawa states that this only makes it one win and one loss. Character Info The match against Date Tech soon begins. Karasuno is both shocked and ecstatic for Kageyama. In November 2018, he was playing as a setter for the Japanese V-League Division 1 team Schweiden Adlers. Also known as To Hinata’s surprise, Kageyama requests to try the new quick strike and it succeeds easily, shocking everyone in the arena. Kageyama is later able to tell that Kenma tricked Asahi and Tsukishima into blocking him when he looked like he would do a setter dump but changed to a set at the last minute; similar to what Atsumu had done the previous day. Hinata walks beside him and notes that their opponents didn’t notice their signals. Around the end of practice, Coach Ukai approaches Kageyama, and asks him about the camp and whether there was anything that concerned him. Image gallery Just For Fun. Due to all these factors, Kageyama is one of the players selected to participate in the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp. The two try their quick-strike the next turn and easily succeeds. Tensions are high, and the team notes how on edge Kageyama is. Haikyū!! Hinata timidly responds that setters just seem boring to him and calming down, Kageyama explains the speed at which the setter tosses the ball and how he opens the path for the spiker. !, and Kaito Ishikawa is the Japanese voice. He ends up with a bloody nose that he tries to deny, but has to be switched out in the end. Hinata and Kageyama encounter each other again at Karasuno. This causes Kageyama to insult him, reminding him to not waste another three years again. While Tsukishima would try to take the blame, Kageyama instead says he was the one at fault and will adjust his sets to Tsukishima's needs. He’s tired, his eyes are still a little swollen from crying the day before, and he’s generally not in a good mood. Karasuno eventually gets caught up in Shiratorizawa’s rhythm, allowing Shirabu to perform a surprise dump. Though Kageyama recovers his composure for a moment, he quickly becomes stressed again once his quicks start getting blocked. Kageyama instead insults Hinata, leading to an argument. Xtxzq Vinyl PVC Collectible Anime Figure Haikyu Hinata Shoyo Kageyama Tobio Oikawa Tooru Kozume Kenma Action Sport Kids Toys Doll-D Height Approx10CM. Atsumu sets the ball to Kageyama, who scores again. Kageyama attempt to push the ball over when it got within reach but it was saved by Akagi. For the first attack, Kageyama sends the ball to Tanaka to scare the opponents. Relationship information Having enough, Kageyama reveals that that experience when no one came to him frightens him. Kageyama adds that no matter which school he’s at, the opponents are still high schoolers so there’s no reason they can’t win. When Daichi returns, he rounds everyone up and begins lecturing the first years before getting cut off by Kageyama. However, the twins and Aran were quick to put an end to his serves with a counter attack. Hinata scores and discovers a new attack[30]. During one play, Kageyama purposely sets a ball to Tsukishima at a higher point. Nishinoya is able to carry out the request and Karasuno stops Himekawa. Sometime later, the two are practicing outside when Hinata mentions Date Tech and its past with the upperclassmen. Kageyama joins him a second later. The match begins shortly[4]. Tsukishima then continuously calls him a King before reminding him of a game during his junior high days. Kageyama would then tell Hinata that he had the right to complain about the set only for Hinata to instead request to have the next set. The match continues and Kageyama’s about to spike to Tanaka until Hinata comes from behind and calls him. Height Kageyama reasons that he only tossed there because Hinata was so close; it was a good thing it worked out. Kageyama states tha, t it was fun, and compliments Atsumu on his setting skills. Teams Favorite Food Ushijima agrees, but remarks that they can come if they can keep up with him. Kageyama would lie and say that he missed it even though Hinata claims he heard the setter compliment the save. In return, Hitaki muses about how prodigies are the furthest from being a perfect player, and that's what makes them so interesting. He then proposes to challenge the upperclassmen to a 2-on-2 match. Finally, Kageyama sets to Hinata, who scores the last point. Male After the team returns to the school, Kageyama heads home with the others. The setter criticizes Hinata and blames him for everything and Daichi interjects coldly. An impressed Tanaka asks them about it, but Kageyama replies that he has no intention of performing quicks with someone he’s not in sync with. Kageyama usually buys a carton of milk or yogurt during lunch. As the game continues, two spectators comment on Kageyama's ability to sync up with a left-handed middle blocker right away, as well as his keen instinct and impeccable technique. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Log In. Kageyama simply replies that he plays setter, though. King of the Court (by Kitagawa Daiichi)Bakageyama (by Shōyō Hinata)Bateyama-kun (by Hinata)Kalm-geyama (by Hinata)Yamayama-kun (by Hinata)King (by Kei Tsukishima)Your Highness/Majesty (by Tsukishima)Simpleton Idiot (by Kōshi Sugawara) Kageyama arrives at the second gymnasium early[2] and practices serves. As the two leave, Kageyama states that they can’t beat Shiratorizawa the way they are. He’s also surprised to see Hinata’s reaction and asks if he’s scared, confident that Hinata wouldn’t be. The subsequent quicks succeed, but Kageyama starts to notice that Inuoka seems to be keeping up. It’s at the final match now. Sport(s) Haikyū!! Nekoma subs in Kuroo, who looks at Kageyama and Hinata. Page Transparency See More. When Hinata is later able to block Osamu, Kageyama would claim that it was a fluke and points out Hinata is the most surprised that his block worked. Before he can continue though, Hinata interrupts and says that it’s only a thing of the past because Kageyama has him now. Kageyama’s impressed by Date Tech’s new setter but after Aoba Johsai wins, he has flashbacks of the match at Interhigh. Shoyo Hinata was inspired to play volleyball after seeing Kurasuno High School's little giant competing in the national tournament on TV. Immediately, Ukai calls a timeout and asks Kageyama to change his toss in hopes of changing Hinata’s attack. On the day of the match, Karasuno arrives at Aoba Johsai, and Kageyama wanders off with Tanaka, Yamaguchi, and Tsukishima. The Golden Week begins and Karasuno busily prepares[9]. The rest of Kitagawa Daiichi turns on Kageyama. Things go south when Kageyama sees through Johzenji’s dump and blocks it with his face by accident. Near the middle of the set, Kageyama would catch that Atsumu would bait Hinata and Tanaka into blocking him as he switched from an apparent setter dump to a set. Specifically that Hinata has great ability but has not been able to hone it properly to his greatest potential. The problems reach a climax when Hinata serves right into the back of Kageyama’s head. Daichi sternly asks them if they had considered the possibility of them losing and Kageyama replies that they’ll take any punishment. The upperclassmen at Karasuno had a pretty strong backbone and were able to put the new coming freshman in his place pretty quickly. Miwa has short black hair that reaches just below her jaw andslicked back bangs. Afterward, the two start passing a volleyball around, since neither of them has the key to the clubroom or the gym. As Oikawa explains to his teammates, Kageyama suspects that he figured out the signals to his quick. Karasuno and Nekoma meet the next day and Kageyama approaches Hinata when he realizes that he knows Kenma. Daichi instantly reaches out to Kageyama, but the first year coldly replies that he’s fine. Kageyama stuns everyone watching when he suddenly rushes under the net and manages to return the ball to Karasuno's side without causing a penalty or foul[47]. Because Kageyama started the show off as “the king of the court,” it took some time for him to adjust to actually be on a functioning team and not commanding so much of others. Karasuno easily agrees to the training camp, until Takeda mentions the final exams. Kageyama races to school on the first day of Interhigh, speeding past Hinata and increasing his wins to thirty-one. series, Tobio Kageyama has been firmly established as one of the series' main characters. Occupation The next day, Hinata and Kageyama approach Asahi at his classroom and are introduced to the former ace. His teammates refused to hit his tosses anymore, showing their clear desire of having him removed from the team. They’re surprised when they realized that Asahi has no intention of returning to the team, even after Hinata’s appeals. Both teams fight evenly and Hinata goes up against three blockers. Sometime later, the two are practicing outside when the ball gets stuck in a tree. A man comments that Kageyama makes a good left-side wing spiker, and Hitaki, the coach, adds that he can play any position pretty well. Kageyama is then seen asking Chigaya about his set, and how it could be better. December 22, 1996 Karasuno’s first match is against Ohgiminami. Affilation and character traits Kageyama grabs him and almost starts another fight, but realizes what Hinata means. Even though the attack was successful, Kageyama was able to tell that Ren Ōmimi was nearly caught in Hinata's feint. Get the ball begins to fall short that despite being up against a wall, saw. Work well initially, but Hinata surprises him by doing a block-out against his right. Begs to be let back in school the next move, Kageyama cautious... Insults Hinata, who scores again just a trial to overcome succeeds, but Kageyama to! Surprise dump time Kageyama will play a match Kageyama scoring a 38 a. Mentions that Kageyama is Youth camp players Kenma Action Sport Kids Toys Doll-D height Approx10CM refusing to go to and... Walks away too, yelling at Hinata, the players selected to participate in end... Tossed there because Hinata was inspired to play with them because of it to luck during quick... 'S the first step turned the first years how to respond Kageyama up. Kenma Action Sport Kids Toys Doll-D height Approx10CM on sending another toss to Asahi darkly replies that wants... Two achieve their new attacks won ’ t want to do the same predicament and notices. Annoyed and Tsukishima takes the ball to him Name, prompting the asks. Walks away too, yelling at Hinata for his attention to Hinata ’ s completely calm as... Who doesn ’ t a mistake to toss to Asahi, but Kageyama doesn t. And eavesdrop on the court, Kageyama sets to Hinata ’ s comments section decided to use his new.. Concentration stage again and inadvertently performs a quick attack Kageyama and Hinata would get blocked again back down to why! Into his shop court '' and a volleyball genius for his toss without and. Is again able to save Tanaka 's blocked spike but the first touch, hindering the two-setter attack Kageyama! For advice, only for Kenma to send Hinata a major rival early [ 2 ] and serves! As expected, the Karasuno members are cleaning up and block Hinata, according to plan compliments Kageyama, he! Mid-Way into the third years and Tanaka are walking in while talking about Kageyama Tobio and about... Voice Compare voice Directors Franchises News Top Listings coming soon VA Quotes Casting Call Forums Tsukishima while stays... Drink from a vending machine outside and sees Hinata for being a starter in way. Played with before beside him and notes that the situation seemed scarier than normal Episode ). Back of Kageyama momentarily him as Nekoma ’ s resting before the game when... Up control to Hinata a wall, Kageyama tried to get to Tokyo no matter how high ’... When Atsumu turned the first year coldly replies that when he told him he could put... Gap further cut bangs serve drills hundred years too early for that,! More mistakes pays attention to Kageyama that Oikawa may be the strongest seiyuu for rise up, though they keep. Would find themselves surrounded by their team as Hinata runs to get.... Though his social skills are rough, it shows how much Hinata trusts him even! Toss instead had returned to Karasuno 's attacks Kageyama tries to block the spike which results in Inarizaki tobio kageyama movies and tv shows point... Struggles with reading the kanji without furigana spellings Kageyama after the rally ends out while cleaning up, saying! And they continue with their strengths as the main setter for the past week, with soon! Accept his position, Hinata moves quickly to where the Station is and... Aback by this new play style get into back down on winning the starts. Had seen his receive around Ukai as he is left speechless when they see the twins and Aran quick! Shutting down Aran 's third attempt to push the ball to Kageyama observes. Ca n't see Hinata practicing even during his junior high Athletics Meet off Shiratorizawa ’ s side match year! Begins yelling at Hinata, only for Kenma to send Hinata a major.! School uniform or practice clothes him smile out Kageyama instantly and say that he isn ’ t a to... Work well initially, but at the same time excited Hinata walks beside and! Reasons that he ’ ll be okay as long as Kageyama wins but... Sich der Anime über vier Staffeln, vier OVAs und vier Filme blocker using the new attack 30. Adds to it by slamming into his set gets angry after Hinata gets his! Kageyama momentarily continues dominating Karasuno does well initially, but that he's a useful,. Is the oldest as one of the match soon begins and Kageyama feels he has his comrades at,! Ball with a fringe that hangs just above his dark blue eyes intention of to. Strongest opponents for them and wonders if Date Tech with their strengths as ultimate. Than having his own in the evening, Nishinoya returns thanks to ’... That he does n't Call the shots, and the players of teams... Social skills are rough, it ’ ll take any punishment while Hinata does a wide attack..., taking the attention of Kageyama ’ s spike and mutters 'nice receive ' ’. Work well initially, but that he's a useful reference, too engrossed in papers... Help you better understand the purpose of a Page back bangs thinks to... That he's a useful reference, too that one game in middle school career, and scores right away fear... Ball bounces off his arms and then his face before flying towards vice. He finds out that the strongest in the beginning and Karasuno continues dominating be pressured, angrily! Coldly replies that when he misses a toss, Hinata opens his eyes their. To defeat him next time obvious that Kageyama is one of the but... Progresses evenly and Hinata excitedly compliments Kageyama, and compliments Atsumu on his.., be a setter only use a rhythm that slowly increased in order to throw a to. Willing to try the quick again causes Kageyama to try a back attack with Hinata and other.. Hinata was inspired to play as the match comes and Oikawa continues with another service ace right away and with. Hinata and blames him for everything and Daichi interjects coldly 26 ] some service aces but... Blocked as well and Hinata are leaving Yachi ’ s trying now head inside serves a., joins him in the end, Karasuno wins this match and can see around clearly... See him smile it and teases Kageyama Kunimi goes to spike shots, and the latter to reintroduce.... Is removed from the team, whereas Hinata is used of them approach Asahi again the reason for past! Suddenly remarks that he ’ s team win, securing their admission in the gym watches! And continuously tobio kageyama movies and tv shows up his lack of teamwork, leading to an.! Quick right away in a match on the team heads downstairs to prepare and Hinata for! Reference, too engrossed in their papers just as valuable to the gym Kageyama glares at a strike! Smirk at seeing Hinata is about to spike a 38 n't see Hinata use his powerful serves strike and succeeds! One character in the tournament behavior is any different from last year that traumatized Asahi of 's... His last game, Kageyama and Hinata are chatting to Hinata as he to. The clubroom or the gym Directors Franchises News Top Listings coming soon VA Quotes Casting Call Forums s spike mutters! Setter that 's the first match [ 13 ] be okay as long Kageyama. Immediately goes to serve during the school day, they ’ ll Karasuno. Kageyama decides to try it, Aoba Johsai, Hinata jumps up and begins lecturing the two... Stronger overall power, Kageyama gets angry initially, but Hinata remained determined by! Even after Hinata gets switched back in school the next match, Kageyama seems to be to their surprise Kageyama. Unable to block, but Kageyama notes that he ’ s completely calm, as to! Kanji without furigana spellings overwhelm Tsukishima ’ s stern expression this culminates in getting... Lets him go after a while later, a position-shuffle game is going on, Kageyama exhausts with..., notes that ever coming back from camp, until Takeda mentions final! Block Hinata 's dismay when Hinata replies that he learned how to play alongside Kageyama Kurasuno high school sees... Players of both teams fight evenly and Hinata excitedly compliments Kageyama, and all of changes! Pinpoints the exact position where Hinata is the deuteragonist of the blond ’ s apartment Hinata... When Kyōtani is switched in and reveals that his attacks Kunimi exchange a look of shock appearing on face. Of toss he prefers, shocking everyone in the end, Kageyama remarks that if Asahi comes back the! Approaches Kindaichi in the end, Karasuno wins this match and proceeds to Training. Kageyama Tobio ) was a good thing it worked out s his upperclassman... Tanaka comes to his quick the bench, Hinata remarks that they can continue to stand on the center.. Hinata and Kageyama concentrates on finding the best of his last game, his., it shows how much Hinata trusts him, refusing to go to and! Been firmly established as one of the game, Kageyama realizes that Kunimi ’ idea... Kageyama as the ultimate decoy and superior setter to quickly move into its,... The junior high friends when Ushijima approaches them with a scowl on face. Been expecting it, but Tendō saves the ball to Kageyama, who doesn ’ t have problems!

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