Why on earth does a light gun game on PC, not have mouse controls... Not only that, but I can't seem to find any movement controls for keyboard. Digital Eclipse's tireless work documenting gaming history pays off again in a stellar compilation. The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection can be pre-ordered now and is set to launch on Nov. 13 in the US for $39.99. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is now available for PC via Steam for $29.99. I mean, I could just hope over to Mame and play it like that - but seems like a stupid decision not to have proper mouse/keyboard controls on a PC game. The collection first launched for Switch in November 2018, followed by PlayStation 4 in March and Xbox One in May. Am I missing something? The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection celebrates the early arcades days of the venerable publisher. In November, SNK fans are set to get a treat in the form of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection on the Nintendo Switch ($299.99 at GameStop).It will offer 13 classic SNK … SNK 40th Anniversary Collection news and features. Visit the Store Page. The collection was released for the Nintendo Switch in 2018, PlayStation 4 on 19 March 2019, Xbox One on 3 … SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION is packed full of … Get all the latest SNK 40th Anniversary Collection information. The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection packs 13 SNK arcade hits into one classic gaming collection, and gives gamers a treasure trove of features to … More Inside PCMag.com A Limited Edition will also be available direct from SNK. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is the ultimate collection of classic arcade games from SNK's golden age with 24 different nostalgic titles back from the 1980s, and many bells and whistles for the best game experience on Steam!! 2018 marked the 40th anniversary of legendary studio SNK! To celebrate this extraordinary milestone, a variety of classic arcade games from SNK's golden age are coming back together in one anthology on Xbox One. $29.99. As an anthology of games from SNK's simpler days, the 40th Anniversary Collection offers a variety of classics that are more fun than you might expect given their age. 1980年代のsnkのアーケードタイトル、全24作品を収録!充実のサポート機能や、当時のイラストやパンフレットが閲覧できるミュージアムなども搭載。snkブランド40周年を記念した『snk 40th anniversary collection』をぜひお楽しみください 【本作の特長】 SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is a video game compilation developed by Digital Eclipse consisting of arcade and console games published by SNK between 1979 and 1990.

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