Because I used leftover, home rendered lard, the total cost of the soap (which was just slightly under 1 kg) was less than $1 for the lye. I had just rendered lard and was almost out of laundry soap I decided to show The Foxfire Museum offers regular classes on making lard based soap, outside over a fire. Stir as you pour making sure not to splash. After extracting the brown lye water the next step is to boil it until the lye is more concentrated. This is now my go to laundry. Making Lye Based Soap. Any soapers out there with recommendations please feel free to help. This is a great recipe! 99 ($0.32/Ounce) Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 20. Your water should be filtered and pure, and the lye you use should have 0-1% excess fat. Melissa Goodwin has been writing about frugal living for 10+ year but has been saving her pennies since she first got pocket money. You can totally make soap from any type of fat. The amount of lye you use depends on the type of fat you choose. Cleaning & Laundry; Garden & Hens; Soap Making; Upcycling; search; Rendering Lard: The What, Why, and How to Make Lard. Using an online calculator (i.e. Lye is a naturally occurring substance, and while it’s the scary part of soap making, there’s no way of making soap without it. washing soda, borax, fragrance oil. Thanks so much for this! Lard is an excellent choice for making soap because it is so beneficial to the skin. May i know why not use potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide? Otherwise will try for laundry, Hello, I just posted a step-by-step tutorial on my blog for making soap. It has been 2 weeks now and seems to have less water in it when seperated. Can you use coconut oil in place of the lard by chance? Baby O has a skin disease called Keratosis Pilaris. Home Decor. I still use it in my laundry soap because it's cheap but like TT I routinely get DOS with lard. Threw about 10lbs of fat into the slow cooker and rendered it down for lard and soap, have about another 20lbs to go that I’d completely forgot was in the freezer. ), Water (distilled, filtered or rainwater is best), Pure caustic soda/lye (with no other ingredients). I use it still in prewash for removing stains from grass, motor oils etc. I have been making soap for several years and have begun to use lard quite often. Cleaning out one of the freezers in anticipation of butcher season and found a boatload of back fat left over from the last pig we did. You can use any liquid, but the goats milk is especially good for sensitive skin. Mix in a well-ventilated area and don't breathe the fumes in. Here’s how I make it: Thanks for the walk thru your work. Other benefits are that lard is a soapmaking ingredient that is easy to access and inexpensive. Most of us could spend more time in nature. When you run your recipe through a lye calculator, you will select 0% superfat. It’s somewhat greasy and doesn’t have the lather that makes a good soap. Yulia’s Natural Laundry Soap was designed to provide safe, natural and clean alternative for all your laundry needs. That is contrary to my experience. Just came across your blog – when I have a chance I’ll grab that cup of tea and look through your information – looking forward to it. I’m going to update the article. It’s a very luxurious soap. I have an old-fashioned set of scales with a dial, but if you’ve got digital scales, all the better. Printable instructions are at the end of the article for your convenience. Janine. If you’re in the north GA area it would be a terrific way to learn. Then add your lard and weigh it. Lard soap is closer to our skin than plant-based soaps. I love that you’re thinking local! At a pH of around 8 – 11 and no longer burns the skin (although our skin is actually slightly acidic at around 4.5 – 5.5 pH, so any soap is going to be drying if you have sensitive skin, eczema or dermatitis). I found it to lather much better than in my previous batches where I used different oils. Just follow the same direction's as on the post.'s Lard Based Goat's Milk Soap Recipe:35 ounces Lard5 ounces Coconut Oil5.8~ ounces Lye14.4~ ounces Goats MilkScents (1 ounce +) or Additives of choice100-110 degrees.This is a great recipe to add honey and oatmeal! I am so happy to hear other people are using lard in their soap. Author will not compensate you in any way whatsoever if you ever happen to suffer a loss/inconvenience/damage because of/while making use of information in this blog. It makes the most divine salve as well! They’re the only soaps I’ve found that can beat Ivory on price. Lard Soap Recipe ~ Makes 2.5LB of Soap. A jug would be easier). Wearing gloves and protective glasses is advisable. Additionally, they are CHEAP AS ALL GET-OUT to make. Daughter She is especially sensitive to the chemicals I had been grating fels naptha to make a laundry, I hated grating soap bars, I won't be making that anymore. I do not just buy a tub of lard from soap suppliers. MikeInPdx had posted this recipe and I have been using it ever since. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. Turn bars every few days to dry evenly. Let the lye mixture cool until it too reaches between 37°C-51°C. Making your own laundry soap at home is not only environmentally friendly but also extremely economical. Just found your recipe a couple of weeks ago and gave it a try. Great post....I have lard in the freezer too :-). All you needed to do was to get the soiled area damp, rub the soiled area with the bar of soap and throw the article of clothing into the washing machine. It is usually produced as a mixture of related sulfonates. We make our own front-loader laundry soap, so if I do get ash, I scrape it off and we use it in the batch for the laundry. She has been preparing all her life to write about frugal living skills. I have some pigs in Barbados and we are planning to slaughter leading up to Christmas so I will definitely try this out. Or you can order it on line from Essential Depot. One day while looking at Would I still use the same measuring statistics in the calculator or is it already good to go because it is liquified already? Lard and tallow give soap firmness and contribute to a stable lather. Saved by Pixie Marie. You can get it at Ace Hardware in the plumbing section...just make sure that it's pure lye, not "drain cleaner." The lard I use is very special. Here’s how to do a facial at home, complete with massage, using natural and frugal ingredients found in your kitchen. I found the printable version. Add Lard that has been melted in microwave. Lard doesn’t lather very well, though, so if you’re expecting a bubbly lather from your soap, it’s a good idea to add another oil, like a little bit of castor oil (about 5%). I doubt if people used distilled water 200 years ago. I prefer to use a 100% non-superfatted coconut oil soap for my soap shreds. If using cold-process methods, allow the soap to gel in a safe, out-of-the-way place until the lye dissipates. Prepare your soap mould(s) by greasing them with a little lard. Arrives before Christmas Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Easy, Cheap and Surprisingly Versatile So, in sum, lard is very economical and creates hard, long-lasting bars. Give it a quick whizz to mix in the essential oils. It was traditionaly used for washing linen traditional clothes. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating (1 customer review) $ 3.00 – $ 8.00. or so until set up. Superfatted soap isn’t great soap for the laundry, so if you’re making laundry soap, you want to superfat as little as possible.

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