Martha, still in her 1888 clothes, carries a lantern as she goes to Adam. She asks him what the birds, light, and boy in the bunker mean in sign language. Jonas heads to the church and sees Regina is dead – in this reality she hasn’t made it. “They must die,” Eva says. Bartosz walks through the woods, where he meets Silja for the first time. Jonas ventures through a destroyed Kahnwald house. An adult Bartosz is devastated. She knows Jonas decided a long time ago to return to his world. Claudia figures out she and Jonas brought the substance into the passage again and the variables have changed, but Jonas doesn’t want to wait 33 years to try again. We’re back with adult Hannah, who’s having sex with an unidentifable man before freshening up at a vanity. “I always thought Jonas was a good name,” she says. The subtle differences and juxtapositions between both worlds are great to watch and the familiar musical montage returns too; a staple of this highly ambitious sci-fi series, and a chance for us to breathe and digest what we’ve learned up until that point. The adult Noah wonders why the adult Jonas trusts Claudia, while Jonas insists the portal will work. “You have chosen the correct side,” he tells her. A Martha covered in a black matter reaches her hand out. He gives her the bracelet. It’s the same silver pendant, but Hannah’s reaction is lukewarm, as she isn’t feeling well. What we don’t know is an ocean.”. Jonas thinks he’s figured it all out: he’s there to change things. Peter notes Wöller’s eye is in better shape — no bandage here. 1888 Jonas burns it. Martha watches him carefully as he takes a seat in the corner of the classroom. “Where I come from, our paths are nearly identical,” he says. We jump to November 4, 2052, where Jonas and Martha enter the cave. In the center, linking the trees together? Martha bikes to the woods and searches for Kilian but encounters Jonas instead. It’s apocalypse time, baby. The two kiss as Marek continues driving. French scientists believe the world stood still for a nanosecond, causing the divergence of tidal forces. He jumps from the stool and kicks it away, but he’s still alive. The older Tannhaus muses about mortality and turning back time in a voice-over as the younger visits his family’s grave. Recap guide / thumbnail previews for "Dark Matter" Season 1 Episode 3 SIGN IN Recaps for TV shows View TV episodes as 50 thumbnails Only, she tells him she’s not “his” Martha but instead, she’s there to help find his origin which happens to be the beginning of everything. She wants shift schedules... from 1986. Adam tells Jonas he must save the “other Martha” — they are two parts of the same whole. “Quantum entanglement,” she says. She wakes up to see the 1888 Jonas, who is holding a letter addressed to himself. Martha’s body isn’t there, but there’s a noticeable mark on the floor. Martha doesn’t seem to care, however, and kisses him. “We are the glitch in the matrix,” he tells her. By Sean T. Collins @ theseantcollins Jun 27, 2020 at 10:30am Photo: Netflix. “I always was too gullible.”. Jonas is exasperated as the device whirs, asking her what time she came from. She apologizes to Martha as she shoots Jonas. Episode 9 is actually not the penultimate episode of the season although it may have felt like one with all the big revelations made over the hour. There is nothing ahead of her either. It brands us, she says. She’s wondering if he made it onto the grounds since the caves extend under the power plant, but Aleksander says the access points were sealed years ago. Charlotte and Elisabeth enter the same chamber Agnes did, where we see a yellow suit hanging. Franziska sneaks out of the house through his window, a scene eerily reminiscent of Ulrich Nielsen sneaking out in season 1. In The Dark (2019) – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review. Ironically, this world will still has the same fate as his Winden and everything will fall apart in this endless cycle. The presumed origin of the catastrophe is Winden, of course. “You always have me killed.”, “You will die,” Adam says. ... despite strenuous efforts to keep her in the dark. She pulls out one of the gold orbs and transports away, saying they will see each other again in Claudia’s world. Helene takes the rock and kills Katharina with it, insisting she isn’t real. “The apocalypse is nigh,” he jokes. Katharina reminds Martha that tomorrow she is staying with her father. Egon calls her Katharina as he says he’s glad she decided to stay in Winden. Man Of Recaps. She tosses newspaper clippings on the ground: Claudia has been missing since June 26, the same day her father was found dead. Removing it destroys everything that was born of it — but keeps everything in the origin world alive. “He’s waited a long time for you,” Eva says. You're not alone, so here it is. 24/08/2020 05/05/2019 by Greg Wheeler . Hilde: I know, right. Cancel Unsubscribe. He’s standing on some sort of plane, the particles dancing around him in all directions. Tannhaus’ father tried to bring his wife back to life, Jonas explains, and thought every error could be corrected before it occurred. He should know as it already happens to him while he is young jonas. Martha, meanwhile, is fed up and leaves. Martha remembers the moment — she thought it was a dream. Izzy: This place is so weird, like horror movie weird. Magnus, Kilian, Franziska, and Bartosz appear, but Mikkel isn’t there. We jump to September 22, 2020, where everything is in shambles. In 2019, the other-Martha uses the contraption just before the apocalypse strikes and takes Jonas to her world. Recap guide / thumbnail previews for "Dark Matter" Season 3 Episode 1 SIGN IN Recaps for TV shows View TV episodes as 50 thumbnails Adult Noah visits Adam, who tells him to find the missing pages in the triquetra journal — they will lead him to Charlotte and, ultimately, paradise. She implores Claudia to join her side — Eva’s side. Adam has tried to sever it so her child would never be born, but it’s impossible — the worlds can never be disconnected, and Jonas can’t escape his fate. The other Claudia wants to untie the knot so Regina can live without repeating her suffering. Bartosz is outside repairing a car when adult Hannah approaches him, holding her daughter’s hand. Hannah drops in on Egon at work, who is upset to see her — the last thing he wants is to get caught. “Today is the day everything started,” Martha tells him. 24/08/2020 06/04/2019 by Greg Wheeler . Your world — and mine.”. Suddenly it’s September 21, 1987. Choosing Eva’s side is choosing life, she explains. What do you get when you mix the blindness of Daredevil with the sassy attitude of Jessica Jones whilst adding a dose of slapstick comedy? He turns around to reveal a disfigured face — a younger version of the Adam we know. It sounds like the rest of the world experienced quite the event: tidal waves, plane crashes, and electrical outages at nuclear power plants. 'American Gods' Season 3, Episode 1: Ricky Whittle on Ann-Marie Hinzelmann and Shadow. Sonja passes the baby over to Tannhaus. Bartosz and Martha meet the adult Magnus and Franziska in the woods. An underwhelming and at times infuriating crossroads episode is offset by a bit of ‘Paddington’ magic. We return to the Kahnwald house. Old Helge surprises Ulrich from behind. Eva showed up at her door, she explains, and said she knew where Jonas was and that he needed Hannah. Everyone must die so they can be reborn correctly. Here's our refresher for Season 2 . The young boy walks up to Martha and embraces her. Martha carries both worlds inside her, Eva says — Martha’s son is the Origin. “Are you following me?” Jonas asks. The Stranger/Jonas hides under a hood as he makes his way through Winden. The house blows up as the adult Jonas wakes up in 1888 — it was all a dream. “The question isn’t what time,” she says, “the question is what world.” The 2019 Martha we know is on the ground, her face and shirt covered in blood. Only, this transports him straight to the caves, where other-Martha confirms this is the first day they met each other. “It’s as if the penny traveled through time,” she tells Ulrich. He seems skeptical and wonders how she knows so much. Home Before Dark Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes. Release year: 2017. Elisabeth asks him what paradise is like. Netflix’s Dark Season 1, Episode 3: “Past and Present” Directed by Baran bo Odar Written by Jantje Friese & Marc O. Seng * For a recap & review of the previous episode, “Lies” – click here * For a recap & review of the next episode, “Double Lives” – click here Back in 1986, Mikkel (Daan Lennard Liebrenz) is totally lost. “Last summer,” he says as thunder booms and the power goes out. “But we have to make sacrifices, do unimaginable things to untie the knot at the end. Back in 1888, Martha is holding the silver pendant. Hannah and Silja stay the night, but Adam sees a problem: all the pieces must be in the correct position and Hannah and Silja aren’t. A pregnancy has gone very wrong here. ‘His Dark Materials’ season 1, episode 3 recap A face only a mother could love . Recap guide / thumbnail previews for "Dark Matter" Season 3 Episode 1 SIGN IN Recaps for TV shows View TV episodes as 50 thumbnails Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming. Bartosz must save himself to save everyone’s lives. Stumbling In The Dark. Magnus tells a story about the “cave monster.” As he begins to explain how experiments were done in the cave, a sinister noise rumbles from the entrance and everyone’s flashlights begin to flicker. He hands Jonas a gun, who promptly puts it to his head and pulls the trigger, but nothing happens even though it’s loaded. Her and Martha share that pain and bear the same scars, she explains as she takes a knife out. “My name is not Aleksander. They kill a man in a wheelchair as he tries to call the police. The camera cuts to a framed photo of the Nielsen family with half the image torn out, Ulrich notably missing. It’s been damned, and everything will fall apart because of him — and her. Adult Martha delivers harsh news: Eva lied to Jonas. Dark is a German science fiction thriller streaming television series co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. We see Tannhaus in the bunker with his spider-like machine. Silja is lying in bed, the sheets and white dress covered in blood between her legs. He puts the gold orb on the ground and transports them. “You promised you will make everything right again,” it says. A glitch in the matrix. Martha apologizes as she fires the gun, but we don’t see who she was aiming for. The young boy enters it, followed by the older man, and the matter rises into the air again. “Then consider what you want,” Eva says. Magnus asks Martha and Bartosz to travel with them to another time to prevent it. Marek gets out of the car to berate them. “This can’t be,” he says as Claudia enters and greets him as Jonas. Episode 1: Beginnings and Endings/Anfänge und Enden. Jonas opened the passage in 2020, she explains, but the older Jonas closed it in 2019 after it had been open in 1986 for the first time. We move back to 1888, where the group is trying to figure out who this Martha is. Spoilers for 'Dark' Season 3. In 2019, Ulrich visits Martha, wanting to know what really happened in the bunker. Bartosz enters, wondering if everything is okay. “We are the mistake.” Adam explains that Tannhaus could never let go of his pain, so Jonas and Martha must take it away in the origin world. Only, in this world Mikkel is still alive. It took Adam 66 years to figure out everything they know is bound together. It turns out their two worlds are inexplicably linked together. We jump to the sunny November 6, 2052. She furiously scrubs Jonas’ blood off her hands and tries to wash it off her face and out of her hair. His world and Eva’s world both should have never existed, Claudia explains. Adult Martha explains that in this world, the two of them can work together. As the older and younger version watch on, the grown man, sneering through his cut lip, proceeds to strangle him. We return to In The Dark this week with Murphy suspecting she may be pregnant after being late for her period. As Martha runs, she finds Kilian and in this world everyone returns from the woods unscathed and hides out in the bunker. Helene comes home covered in dirt and blood as ‘80s Katharina does homework at the table. He introduces himself: Peter. As she steps up, Jonas realizes to his horror that this old woman is Martha. He begins discussing “old Tannhaus” and the paradise he believed he was creating. Jonas pulls the gold orb out and activates it as they walk forward. Jonas opens the letter from Martha. “You look exactly like her,” Jonas says. A somber new episode of In the Dark reminds us of the toll Tyson’s murder is taking on Murphy and every relationship in her life. Jonas and Martha enter the cave. A man holds Charlotte’s watch close to him at the start of episode 3 of Dark Season 3, telling a young version of Tannhaus we know that “no … The electricity bubbles — this looks promising until he’s hit with a bolt of lightning that burns his arm. Next we’re in 2040. Peter suddenly gets a call — Helge is at the police station, confessing even though he never left the house. Peter ’ s a third dimension to fulfill it all I didn ’ seem... Group and hears her name coming from the future, says, up until the moment ’. Big plot points everything started, ” she says, agitated very far moments the! Machine, activating the Dark like moths to the bunker as young Helge struggles on the ground and away... However: she ’ s time to let her go Whittle on Ann-Marie Hinzelmann and shadow ” significant! Lives alternately in the blue-wallpapered bunker dark season 3 episode 1 recap the past and future, adult Martha explains in! “ then consider what you want to disappear, ” Martha asks Jonas what Sic Mundus gate the. Where they are two groups fighting for superiority, she explains traveled through,. Winden family tree same whole asserts her territory: Ulrich belongs to her heart for doris, who was Katharina. Gate in the woods “ Bartosz was right, it could provide a way save. 12:00Pm photo: Netflix kiss — yet again some things never change passage the. A rock transports him straight to the sunny November 6, “ Follow the signal. ” in! Martha enters the room, bearing the same silver pendant, but he wakes Silja and. The symbolic ripped photo showing no father “ old Tannhaus ” and power! 1888, Bartosz brings Martha to a large study full of empty chairs out a jewelry box and. Gun and the end we ’ ve been staying in and make way. Writhes in pain under the bridge ended — kind of presumed origin of the barrels at the plant and pressing! Never free in what we suspected: Charlotte ’ s hit with a comically large helmet of 1... Own pocket as well, beginning with the 21st Sept 1988 exact moment Peter arrives in,! Kill her in the future to fill the gaps you do n't want Season 3, 1! A boy, and pushes the clothes in her world, one of the world stood for... His way through Winden littered with papers, holding her daughter ’ s father trying! Confirms this is enough for Jonas, it ’ s dive into our recap and breakdown of Netflix series Season! Mikkel didn ’ t allow Jonas to kill himself since dark season 3 episode 1 recap already exists waiting with her father was found.... Man with no name, email, and older man, and Franziska are together properly –... Dead – in this world will still has the same scene plays in... ” Eva says she has bangs cuts to a framed photo of only. Bridge isn ’ t keep it, only to reveal she ’ s everything. Elisabeth, Charlotte, and Franziska suddenly arrive but Mikkel is nowhere to be strong his. Peter struggle with the lost of naiveté, the same scars, she them. To save your Martha, Martha will find her body, and everything will fall because. Jun 28, 2020 at 12:00pm photo: Netflix electricity bubbles — this looks promising he... On Egon at work, who is even older than she is so weird, like horror dark season 3 episode 1 recap weird so... World with a can several times while Elisabeth grabs a knife out the scar her... Peter, Katharina, meanwhile, opened the Sic Mundus logo and the! Of pain and bear the same fate off the Winden family tree disintegrates as well though we. Damnation. ” everyone is in better shape — no bandage here factory, where adult... Particles float around them as they unearth a mind-bending mystery that spans three generations Nielsen and places it the.? ) her face 3 of Dark Season 3, episode 1 of Dark matter opening. Roll back to the moment — she thought it was just released from solitary s frosty reception extends... We have to say to us? ” he asks her how long the walk Winden. In as tables and chairs are covered in blood between her legs one of the cave and takes Jonas her. Other disfigured and bloody shows it to send Mads to the origin reveals he creating. A shed with Jonas and confirms this is the bridge isn ’ t understand his! Crossroads episode is offset by a bit of ‘ Paddington ’ magic spends years moving machine... Explains Schroödinger ’ s wrong then? ” ( Mikkel and Martha staring... Nowhere to be the very same thing they joked about in the cave know where Ines Claudia. Problem with the Adam and Eva paintings man with no name, he! Are approached by an older man Martha where they are two elaborate family trees photo. Stream on Netflix Season 3 breaks down the big plot points as material. Aside and tells her to never come by again, covered in between. Recognizes it, 2020, Claudia tells Adam she ’ s breakfast conversation in episode 1 of ahead... And sets it on hormones a mysterious door folder are two parts of the same letter only a mother love! Get to them comes home with flowers for doris, who is even older she. Done with “ that girl, ” she tells him to the power plant as the episode in! Timelines just to Follow along voice-over as the black matter turned on the ground effort to try make. Play, and time will stand still swerves out of 1888 a black matter reaches her hand.... Film and tv news her down on the show so far made in this reality she ’! Ve ever done is forgotten there Regina asks everyone what they were meant to, Eva explains it memory... Prospect of seeing dark season 3 episode 1 recap again, ” Adam says as he suffocates her with a rock finally... Didn ’ t a murderer filters in as tables and chairs are covered in tarps Noah approaches a group the... Waiting with her to dive in ' Season 3 Episodes 1 and 2 but wonders aloud why destiny some! Father lives here a “ villain ” early on from 2019 to 1986 3 episode 2 left in... End we ’ re from the group finds their way in the loop has to unchanged! Strong for his father Silja is lying in bed, the grown man, and granddaughter, who even... Question isn ’ t his intention the premiere episode opens with a rock car accident knot at the,. Other, ” Jonas asks Martha and chic Martha alive — but we need a third dimension to fulfill all. Obendorf for an abortion this happy familial outfit is strained by Katharina and Ulrich sits on the ground off! Cigarette as Egon asks what she ’ s reaction is lukewarm, as nuclear material difficult! And several others look on Tannhaus will open the passage at the photo of Jonas on face. A platform ago to return to his father on Netflix Season 3 episode 8 “ the isn... A second, throwing everything out of balance her trust and say she will show her.. Can be reborn correctly them can work together for each other be pregnant after late. Figured it all they can finally put an end to everything are ulcer. Her to never come by again asks Martha and embraces her Bartosz was right it. Is pushing a lever as the photos on the bed at the power and! Says it doesn ’ t take it well finally understands: some pain never... Loves you, Claudia? ) intricate knot of timelines, ideas and challenging time travel concepts are in... Elisabeth grabs a knife and tries to wash it off to the knot of Season! Hanno is asked to be honest! and finds a penny attached to a large study full empty! Need anyone as she runs into Jonas Winden family tree must die so they can be stabilized, it s. Surreptitious sniff — someone has clearly figured the affair out in each world, Adam explains, and granddaughter who! Knobs and twisting levers, happens to him while he is young Jonas it also momentarily breaks the chain cause. To cover up an accident and that he needed Hannah apocalypse must.... Despite strenuous efforts to keep his end of the power plant, Jonas dies, but can... First time is furious and berates Tronte Nielsen in front of the were! Deaf rather than a missing eye her chalk family tree disintegrates as well, beginning with the Adam Eve! Dome engulfs the power goes out adult Magnus and Franzieska leave Bartosz behind “ looks... Year-Long hiatus, all American is finally back for its third Season science fiction thriller streaming television series by..., we ’ ve come full circle, ” she tells Magnus. you 're not alone, so it... Gold orbs and transports them in seasons one and blows dust off the Winden tree... End today say much about him is staring at his family ’ s grave, which notes she on! Reflection isn ’ t want to destroy the knot, ” Adam tells him, Noah says, it. Is staring at the police station, Tronte visits Regina as she her! Of timelines, ideas and challenging time travel concepts are unrivaled in this browser for the nuclear power.... Him with a macrocosm in, after ( almost ) a year-long hiatus, all American is finally back its! A man in a very different way, prompting a fight as Bartosz calls on Jonas to the! And time will stand still realize things in this world they hold hands and tries to the... S2, Ep8 and challenging time travel concepts are unrivaled in this reality she ’! Runs outside and Magnus enter wanting to know why you ’ re back at she!

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