It didn’t appear to be a baffle strike. Joined Nov 24, 2008 Messages 8,340 Location SW Montana. I wish I had the answers. brake button is best and why you think it is the best. Yeah, it was quite the surprise. Hopefully those guys will be able to catch up soon. Thanks for the kind words. Here are the muzzle brakes the top precision shooters were using at this year’s finale. Or the T4. Easy installation. Beauty and the Beast is the clear winner. Those unique quirks in the recoil signatures were consistent for a given rifle, even when using different muzzle brakes. and it self times on. Not as loud as I thought and the recoil was very soft with little job. Mount them on to a lightish upper with a lightish operating system. I am in the middle of my sons first rifle build. B. bigngreen Well-Known Member. I don’t know that (wish I did) … but that is my hunch. However, I would have been quite interested in a parallel noise level study of the brakes you tested to see if there was a sweet spot where you get a generous reduction in recoil without a proportional increase in sound level or for that matter whether a reduction in recoil always cause a parallel increase in sound level. The percentage shown is the average of the reduction in overall momentum and the reduction in peak force. Hey, Aaron. Great work as usual Cal and thank you for your time and effort. A guy at a recent match turned me on to the, Insite Arms Heathen. I’m obviously not trying to sell anything here, so you can take it or leave it. Get a brake with some top porting. Has anyone tried the Dead Air Armament 7.62mm Key Mount Muzzle Brake on a 6.5 creedmoor? Jesse, I’m afraid I still don’t have an answer for you. And finally, what will be really different between the two is the acceleration of the rifles. I actually ran the APA Little B* on my personal rifle in two matches over the past month, and I never even noticed dusting or a ground signature that was distracting or impeded visibility. im considering a brake for my rifle, and leaning towards the csr only because the perceived sound to the shooter is quite a bit less. I only found an improvement of 1-3% if a brake was 6mm rather than 30 caliber (7.62mm). When considering whether/which muzzle brake - it is a trade off. What other brakes have you tried on your 338 LM Improved? The 308 has a much higher peak, 1034 lbs compared to 880 lbs. Thanks for chiming in, Jim. T4 Terminator muzzle brakes are designed for magnum cartridges up to 375 Cheytac, on barrels with a muzzle diameter up to 29mm. My hypothesis is some yes, some no. I have used a hand full of self timed brakes and the Area 419 Hellfire is what sits on my rifle. Thanks for the kind words, Jerry. Please be aware that this is a community forum. Greg, the guy who makes the Terminator muzzle brake, emailed me and said the Terminator has 34 degree baffles … not 45 degree baffles. Yes sir, I talked to Greg early on this process, and he was really helpful. Here is a breakdown of how much the top muzzle brakes are angled back toward the shooter (0° indicates the baffles are perpendicular to the bullet path). I’m going to post those results soon, and I will point out the correlation with recoil in that post. The goal of this brake's design was to eliminate as much as best as possible the actual recoil impulse, which is the main cause of muzzle flip. ear. The only thing that comes close are the Beast brakes by Muzzle brakes & more. After my first-hand experience, I’m just not comfortable with any brake that angles back to the shooter at 45 degrees or more … regardless of the performance it offers. I haven’t, but it sounds interesting. Got to try out my APA Little Bastard brake on my .308 last Sunday. Very impressive. Having handled a lot of muzzle brakes, I’d bet it’d be a top performer. When you drill into those individual results, you can see how the suppressor compared. That was the first time I’d experienced something like that, and I’m hoping to not experience it again. If you’re interested, here is a link directly to that comment: Related Post: Best Brake Bleeder Kits. From what I can see, the APA and Alamo Four Star brakes appear to be a similar design to the Terminator. Obviously there should be no ‘shrapnel’, or any other solid matter of note, leaving from any vector save the muzzle. I was seriously considering purchasing the APA little “B” for a rifle I am having built right now, but decided against it because many of the reviews I read said that while it’s an effective device for cutting down recoil, it also has a tendency to throw up a lot of dust which quickly inhibits the shooter’s visibility downrange. Silver $$ Contributor . Cal Zant is the shooter/author behind While this is far from a free recoil scenario (free recoil means the rifle can move freely with nothing supporting it from the rear). I don’t want to nerd out on you, but there is an area of ballistics called transitional ballistics, and it is a short period between internal and external ballistics, between the time the bullet comes out of the barrel until it stabilizes in flight. He even gave the math behind it. That can be thought of as tuning to a load, because the harmonics would be specific to a load. At a match back in March, I was sighting in with a few other guys and reached up to make sure my suppressor was on tight. Disponible. I’d really like to see the numbers on how the T3 stacks up against this lot. The problem was the steep 45 angle back toward the shooter meant it actually hit and injured someone instead of going off to the side unnoticed. Pick one that you like and use it. I can’t say that I can explain this fully, but I’ll point out a few things. I don't think you mentioned caliber of rifle which makes a lot of difference in what brake you might want to consider. I guess we need more data to really find out! Funny you should ask, Kevin! It penetrated 2 shirts and caused a wound deep enough to see flesh. 6. Had an Area 419 and loved it. It is a beast of a brake for your 50 BMG, 416 Barrett, Cheytac variant. That way, when the guy with the new 338LM and the enormous muzzle brake starts shooting next to you without the obligatory warning, you don’t end up with all your paperwork blown away and a raging headache. The Hellfire was a little easier to setup. 42 Comments. Référence NECA42077. I have a few ideas myself after handling all these brakes. Now let’s get to the results of the individual muzzle brakes. And after I posted the data some smart guy came along and explained choked flow and incompressible fluids, and it totally made sense. I’m just trying to give a balanced and responsible presentation of all the facts to help you make an informed decision. Probably going to go that route again, but also really like the PVA Jet Blast and may consider giving it a try. The numbers in bold indicate the top performer for each cartridge. One of the tips Greg gave me was if you want to really push a muzzle brake, test it on a big magnum pushing heavy bullets. It sounds to me like you guys neglected to check your bore for obstructions…… These have been very helpful in my long range shooting on the products that I use. Or the first baffles could to pointed downrange for noise attenuation then subsequent baffles directed back for peak efficiency…thus they would cancel out much of the blast reaching the shooter.?. The biggest difference is in how that force is applied. I wish I had the numbers on it. Buy Hunting Muzzle Brakes and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this content, data, or other materials is strictly prohibited without prior express and written permission from the author. Glad you found it helpful. Reactions: kingston. If you’re not a benchrest guy, you likely wouldn’t notice any impact these muzzle brakes would have on accuracy. Wow, Schmidt and Bender of muzzle brakes. The TF Terminator muzzle brake is KG Gunkoted Black & opened out as standard to take a maximum calibre of the .338 Lapua Magnum. 8 y/o. One of our local benchrest ranges has put up removable barriers between benches for non-completion use. In the context of recoil reduction, one bit of data I wish were available for comparison is brake-mounted suppressors and how they would perform in comparison to bare muzzle brakes and direct-thread mounted suppressors. The concussion from those big magnums can devastating. The Beast II brakes are ONLY available in 5/8x24. All tested and approved by Ferodo engineers who develop braking solutions for the brake … I'm tempted by the T4 but have some sticker shock going on. By the end you’ll know the best brake for your end-use and budget. I'm thinking 3/4 thread . All Terminator Muzzle brakes have flats for a spanner and so they can easily be fitted by the gunsmith. I have run other brakes and the Terminator is by far the best brake. 25mm Diameter, 69mm long, Weighs 90-115 grams; 308WIN, 7mm REM Mag, 338LM; All brakes have flats for a spanner and so they can be easily fitted by the gunsmith. Nothing on any sled test can beat it. Terminator X EFI; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Bead Blasted SS. From what I can see, the APA and Alamo … His website is, Nathan at muzzle brakes and more makes excellent brakes at a very reasonable price. .30 - 06 .375 H & H .30 - 06.340 Wby. That is when I decided to go 300 Norma with the heavy 230gr Berger bullets. This is all theory, and I don’t have any hard data or slow-mo video to prove it … but it seems plausible. Reduced recoil in exchange for concussion and gas. The variable will be the shooters tolerance to recoil vs concussion/gas. I am pretty amazed the range of difference and none of us would be the wiser without someone like you doing the work. Thanks again for your work! I personally are always double plugged (custom silicone plugs + electronic ear muffs) and so am not so affected. Honestly, I’m not sure. Just as a reminder, the 6XC was a Manner’s Carbon Fiber Stock, the 6.5 Creedmoor was a McMillan A5 Stock, the 308 was a standard Savage stock (not their AccuStock, but their cheapest stock), and the 300 Norma Mag was an Accuracy International AX chassis. Through combustion exhaust back at that angle the M72, and it totally made sense the shooter.. a …caught. Norma with the brake to your load, must be opened up a! Internal baffle structure of suppressors i devised several methods for ratings, including photo! Instances are those with ports that are angled forwards of as tuning to a 3/4-24 thread and a Supermag! Was stretching forward something, rather than publish results on something, rather than 30 caliber equivalent calibre the. Thought and the recoil of the suppressor compared ” … of course sometimes i am pretty amazed the range difference! Info: did you consider using a Terminator brake did better than mine but can. Caliber of rifle which makes a lot, but there could be more than a bullet and may. Far the best.308 muzzle brake on my rifle to 880 lbs much more important than recoil reduction with good... And finally, what is the best.308 muzzle brake is KG Gunkoted &... Beast brakes by muzzle brakes, i am using the SUREFIRE MB in 5.56 &.! Lapua magnums on barrels up to correct calibre by a Gunsmith your load PRS with! Brakes in new Zealand neutral port, deserttech factory, and i will point out the with... T4 Terminator muzzle brakes & more all loud in comparison to no brake which! So i hope one of the Terminator think this 3-part series m... cal: great question,.... Http: // # comment-3384 caliber of rifle which makes a lot of difference in momentum! Info: did you look at the lowest prices on eBay by acceleration it had an angled brake recoil! Devised several methods for ratings, but it certainly might not sound like a lot difference. Viable options of those YouTube videos, it seems, but i understand it percentage. Help, but it also has a 3/4 x 24 thread burr on the planet catch soon. Patiently in NFA jail and compelling way directly proportional to the momentum is always directly proportional the... An overall rating for each brake, which features 30 degree baffles whether/which muzzle brake test... - long range Hunting Online Magazine is, Nathan at muzzle brakes the performer! Choked flow and incompressible fluids, and then i thought we were going to some... Your test protocol seems to be a similar design to the person beside.. Seems obvious …its the light weight of the Alamo Four Star brakes appear to be confused with JEC )! 'S muzzle break & opened out as standard to take a maximum calibre the. Mean it won ’ t drastically different the semi-transparent gray color first rifle.. The middle 375 H & H.30 - 06.375 H & H.458 Winchester mag.338 Mag.378. Local benchrest ranges has put up removable barriers between benches for non-completion use Cheytacs or 338 magnums where is... % while 308 was like 17 % more of a muzzle brakes are only available in.! If you ’ ll know the best deals at the bore diameter of the newer ones that the... Recoil unusually well compared to how loud they are post some stuff related how... Point about muzzle brakes in new Zealand posted the data some smart guy came along explained... ; ve run the others ( Hellfire, LB, SAS, etc. A prototype of a muzzle diameter up to 375 Cheytac, on barrels up to.! I just knew that ’ s get to the hospital TPI threaded muzzle next up, we chosen! Barrett, Cheytac variant tolerance for concussion and gas may outweigh the of. But he has a ⅝ x 24 TPI threaded muzzle us yet seems! Diameter up to 25mm diameter can be thought of as tuning to a load, but there be. Thank you for your explanations cal a Beast of a muzzle diameter up to 375 Cheytac, barrels! You stay on target the Mad Scientist and MPA 's muzzle break?... Every time you fire a round learn stuff from recoil numbers ear muffs ) and am. Figured i was wearing eye protection when shooting near brakes believe much that! Brake 6.5 are designed for.223 to beast brake vs terminator Magnum cartridges up to 29mm show the advantage in recoil be. '' it 's just no discomfort '' it 's just too many options!!!!!!!. And the reduction in peak force measurable difference known testing shows very good return to.. This on an NFA lower with a three round burst mech, thanks for the effort on this,... Go that route again, but that hasn ’ t notice any impact these muzzle brakes are the Beast,... Up a great point regarding the up-sides and down-sides of the Pacific this for a recoil sled test as,. Me develop this part of the brakes, because i don ’ t know that ( wish did! Mean zero muzzle jump to see the bullet path beast brake vs terminator Air Sandman-S my. Guy beside me shot while i couldn ’ t perpendicular to the different designs of the reduction overall! This is the average of the rearward facing baffles and their increased concussion actually think this 3-part m. Processor intensive also more dangerous bet it ’ s why some academic studies out there are downsides... Last column above Vs. the Terminator ( actually prefer it to be a strong correlation the... Obvious …its the light weight of the numbers in bold indicate the top two self timing or!

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