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30th March 2020
Who are the most influential Indians in social media?

What started as a bit of a whim a year ago has grown into something much larger than any of us might have imagined.

This listing has become some sort of a runaway success. HT Brunch had not one but two cover stories on it: July 17, 2011 and March 11, 2012. Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra made it news when she made it to no.1. Even the New York Times weighed in.

As social media grew in India, we wanted a simple way to figure out how influential Indians were. To do this we needed (a) a list of Indian entities on social media and (b) a way to measure their social influence.

We took on the second part first and simplified it. We started a year ago with two reputed measurement services – Klout and PeerIndex. We worked with them, got their blessings and then simply averaged their scores for our India Influencer ranking. This approach stood us in good stead for a bit. But we’ve since realised we need more fine-grained work here. Enter version 2.0.

What’s new is that we’ve added a third marker, Kred. And we’ve also moved away from a simple aggregate to a weighted aggregate of the three scores. What weighting, you may ask. Well, one based, quite subjectively, on our assessment of the relative values of each of the three markers. This relative weightage is something we’ll tweak from time, based on not just the reach of each of these scores and their refresh cycles, but also on our judgement of their value. We’re not disclosing it here, but if you’re a whiz with simultaneous linear equations you should be able to figure it out
That’s on the metrics front.

But we’ve also grown on the list of people front. We started by indexing scores of less than 1,000 people. Today we index close to 5,000 Indian and India-related entities. We also classify them into different buckets – residents of India, Indians outside India, brands/organisations/movements – and lately – politicians. It’s our belief the 2017-18 elections in India will be fought on social media – what better than to start listing the contenders 5 years in advance?

We’ve also added a handy way for you to add yourself – or any other entity - to the list that we measure and report on every single day. Just click on the Find Your Rank link and enter the Twitter handle. If we have it in our records, you’ll see the India Influencer score. If not, then we’ll put it in a queue, check to see if you’re Indian or otherwise make it to our list and if you do, then manually classify you – then add you to our daily-scanned database. This should take about a week or two. If you don’t see your name even after 2 weeks – please do ping us at

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